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Music all around the world features different qualities and styles and therefore every country indulges in a unique sort of music that connects them with the culture of their homeland. Likewise, English and French music have some different aspects that make them distinct; however, the modern world incorporating similarities among music of different countries of different continents. Indila is a French singer and songwriter; although she is French yet has a fine tinge of Cambodian, Egyptian and Algerian as well as Indian origin in her music. Take the instance of her song titled “Love Story” (2014) that implicates the aleatory techniques of French music. It also highlights the oriental and on-western essence in its rhythm. This non-western and oriental approach is infused with the influence of Oliver Messiaen.Indila’s music depicts a substantial French pop style that at some notes portray the undertone quality of Asian and Middle Eastern melody. Moreover, French music is famous for it’s electronic, and serialism in music and also spiced up with the sprinkles of aleatory mode that refers to the randomness that is evident throughout the “Love Story” and offers it a haunting and mysterious tune. On the other hand, English music features different approaches and elaborates the significance of folk and country music. Spiritual or church-based lyrics and melodies are also famous n English music and Jazz is inevitable for it. Neverthe;ess, recently, the musical bands and solo singers are endeavoring to synchronize music on different continents together. And for this reason, the United Kingdom, America, and France seem to share more similarities in music area than ever before.Work cited“Indila – Love Story.” YouTube, YouTube, 16 Nov. 2014.

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