Interpretive Essay on Wealth and Safety

Published: 2021-07-06 06:47:01
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The wall is designed by different posters that all are created with the hands of the students. The poster of the interpretation by the New York Times is the one that is made by me and I have added different articles to represent different issues of the country. I designed the border of the chart and presented different cuttings of the newspapers articles.In the past, money was considered as the source of happiness but it is not all true. Happiness is something that makes a person happy. In the past, the abundance of money was far more than the moral and religious values. The abundance of money lead the people towards the achievement of true happiness. The chart is presenting the old thoughts and articles that were existed in the past centuries.Wealth is not only defined as having a huge amount of money but having resources that were sufficient for the living was also considered as a symbol of wealth in the past. According to the poster, it is not quite clear that in the past and in the era of 1920, people fears about little things that are not understandable. Fear of the unknown was famous and due to this factor people used to spend their evenings and nights at homes. The fear of the unknown threatened the wealth as well as the happiness of the people in the past. The poster is explaining about the darkest side of the United States when the life of the humans suffered from the threat and occurrence of war. It includes the greatest wars of all time World War I and its occurrence disturbed the whole country in the early 20th century. Numerous people were dies and numerous were injured also the capital loss was among the most severe one and all these scenarios were the resultants of the war. In the decade of 1920 the country faced several important disastrous events and in the next decade, the country started to emerge as to deal with the issues that were created by the war occurrences.In the perspective safety versus money, yes people consider that they could enjoy the safety and security notion only when they are having so much money. But it is not true, people could be secure when they have money but not all the times such as war ever consider the ones who are powerful and impacts negatively on all the people. According to the poster, it is not quite clear that in the past and in the era of 1920, people fears about little things that are not understandable. Happiness is a pattern that defines the good structure and values of the people. In the poster, I have added different news articles published by the New York Times in the decade of 1920 when the country wanted to survive from the disastrous consequences of the war. The country was striving to deal with the issues that were occurred due to the war and with the fact that it was considered as the most disastrous war in the history. It damaged many countries of the world including the United States, but the country started measures to survive from the consequences earlier by the end of the war. Happiness surely linked with money but that does not mean that money always buys happiness. Most of the times money is not sufficient to make someone happy, such as a kid who lost his father in the war and now not able to fight with the world only with the use of money.

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