Intertextuality & Remix Culture

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:20
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In recent years remix culture can easily be recognized, and it has become more legitimate. It can serve as some civilization that allows people to edit, integrate, rearrange existing materials to come up with a new piece of art (Aufderheide, 2008). It is now effortless than before for people to exchange information and ideas through the use of technology this gives birth to remixing. It is easier for an individual to share a piece of her work to another piece of work which would be better referred to as an original work. Remixing can be thought to be Avery good concept since it involves assembling different sources of work and changing them to become something better. These make the whole society to grow and have wealth. However the terms remix culture can be thought to have emerged in the recent decade but remixing was discovered very many years ago (Lessig, 2008). Nowadays remixing can be observed in every aspect of our culture like in music, art, and even taxation. Companies that produce clothes like the Gap and H&M if they want to come up with new design labels they don’t usually use the most expensive materials and fabrics instead they develop the new design out of referring to the to the fashion trends in the earlier decades. Therefore they come up with good fashionable pieces. Referring to music the well-known hip-hop music has been an adjustment from the earlier type of hip-hop music. They’re very many examples to prove how remix culture has become part of our lives. Studies have also shown that out of the last 100 top grossing film seventy-four of them were adaptation, remakes or sequel. The growth of remixing in recent years can be attributed to digital technologies. Sites such as Google and wisped shows how search engines can help information to travel in all direction.Mixing happens to be an art which stands on its self just like producing. Some people are meant to create while others mix. In the field of music, not all artist who creates music can mix. However, the term remix in music means that the remixer has selected some parts of the original track which he liked. After doing this the remixer adds another set of elements with new beats, and this leads to an almost new track with only a few vocal and melodic similarities. Remakes are my best types of remixes. A remake comes about when producers want to remix some sought of music, but they don’t have the stems or access to the original artist. What the producer does is redoing the entire song adding their layers. It’s quite involving, but it’s worth it. What I like doing in remaking a truck is boosting the melodic voice with penetrating instruments and patches.Remaking requires that one must have an understanding of how the former music was and also it requires a lot of technical skills. I liked a certain hip-hop song. The only thing I accessed from the original truck was the vocal hooks the rest I replayed using layered drums and software synthesizers. Other types of remix that I enjoy are acapella (Lessig, 2008). These are stems which are highly guarded and usually do not have beats. The stems of these trucks are always at the studio where producers must avoid their content from being stolen. In the 1990s acapella were popular. In fact most of the R&B, house acts and hip-hop came along with acapella beatsFor one to release a remix as an original or even license and sell it, the samples that were used for its composition need to be approved by the original artists in an agreement which mainly depends with the money the producer has paid. However, we still have uncleared trucks in EDM. However intellectual property experts and several other lawyers have become stricter. They are also suing individual with uncleared copies and covers ( Aufderheide, 2008). All this is meant to protect the rights of the original artists, and also people can get free music. It is necessary for one to be able to differentiate between remakes, official remixes, and unofficial remixes.ReferencesLessig, L. (2008). Remix: Making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy. London: Bloomsbury Academic.Aufderheide, Pat., Falzone, A., & Jaszi, P. (2008). Remix culture: Fair use is your friend. Washington, D.C: Center for Social Media, American University School of Communications.

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