Invisible inequality: Social class and child-rearing in black families and white families

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:16
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Social class is a holistic and scientific study of societies. It helps to understand the similarities and differences between societies and people behavior. Learning about the human behaviors and their thinking pattern help in daily life as it makes interactions and dealings with other people easy. It helps in learning and deal with many social and personal problems. Example it is easy to deal with the problem of overpopulation in an area if we know about their culture and their thinking. It makes up to date about the world around us which is helpful in making good decisions in personal life.Racial stratification is when the society discriminates a person by his race. Although the United States has had an African-American president and public spaces are not segregated, but racism is not only related to African Americans only. In USA President Donald Trump is titled as racist by The New York Times (Kristof, 2016) this shows that racism is still present in the USA. The concept of Islam phobia is also racism present in the USA.Sex and gender are two different things. We are born with different genital which makes us male or female but how a girl or a boy should behave is a called gender and is a social construction. It was a general belief before industrial revolution that women are too weak to work side by side with men which is not the case today. Difference in sexualities also is an example that gender is a social construction.Deviance is a social construction as deviance is just a label to those people who do not conform to the social norms. Behaviors vary from society to society what is right in one social setting can be termed as wrong in another. Therefore there are no universal wrong behaviors. For example, homosexuality can be termed as wrong in some societies, but it is completely normal behavior and legal in the USA.In her article, Lareau explained that working-class families and middle-class families raise their children differently. Working-class families let their children grow without much interference on the other hand middle class families interfere and dictate the lives of their children in every possible way. The similarity is that they both teach their children to survive in the same class they are born, and the difference is that working-class families are much more relaxed and less tired as compared to the other class (Lareau, 2002).Color blindness is a concept which describes a utopian society where there is no racial discrimination. Therefore it can be said that colorblind is a good idea. It is not possible because racial discrimination is always present in the society.Socioeconomic status describes the economic stratification system in the USA. The USA has six social classes roughly. It is different from other types of economic stratification system as other forms of economic stratification systems in the world does not influence the social status of the people unlike in America.Although we want to get rid of poverty it is not possible because of overpopulation of the world which increases unemployment and reduces the natural resources. There is always an elite class present which suppresses the lower class, and this can never end. Another reason is the world economic system as described in the world system theory in which the core always exploit the periphery. The last reason is fatalism which hinders the humans to work for a better living.The sock of assists like property, home accessories and savings held by a person defines the wealth. On the other side, income is the money received by a person at regular intervals is known as income. Wealth is significant when talking about stratification as it defines the social status of the person and the prestige attached to it.Sex is a biological difference between male and female. A person is born either a man or a female based on their genitals. Gender is a social construction how a girl or a boy should behave and make choices is defined by the society and differs from society to society. Sexuality means the way people feel and express themselves sexually.ReferencesKristof, N. (2016). Is Donald Trump a racist. The New York Times.Lareau, A. (2002). Invisible inequality: Social class and childrearing in black families and white families. American Sociological Review, 747–776.

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