Is Technology Making Individuals in Society Less Empathetic?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:01
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The rapid advancements in the field of technology over the past decades have had a profound impact on the human society as a whole. No one can deny the benefits of technology, such as enhanced communication across the world, ease of performing everyday tasks and a positive impact on the global economy. However, technology has resulted in making the individuals in the society less empathetic. Technology has been imperative in addressing the issues of speed and convenience faced by society. But the regular interaction of humans with different forms of technology has made them disregard other human beings.Technology has made people ruthless in the pursuance of utilizing technology solely for their benefits. What was initially intended to safeguard humans and ensure their rights, is now being used to further personal or national goals of expansion at the expense of innocent human lives. A notable example of this fact is the development of weapons. With the passage of time, due to the advancements in military technology, weapons and firearms are now available to anyone at meager prices. The current issue of an increase in gun violence is the result of technological advancements. Another such case is the aggressive approach of North Korea. As per the official media of North Korea, almost 15.8 percent of its national budget was reserved for military expenditures in 2009.Furthermore, technology has made humans extremely conscious of their image. It has resulted in a kind of obsession with perfection. Some studies suggest that physical attraction leads to higher chance of getting better employment and higher salaries. Also, the men that are taller gain around 600 U.S. dollars more per inch as compared to the smaller men. Physical attractiveness has become standard for judging a human being instead of her qualifications or abilities. The case is notably worse for females. The past decades have demonstrated a sharp increase in women going for breast augmentation surgeries to look more attractive. Women are even willing to risk the potential side effects of such operations, as breast implants may act as a hurdle for efficient diagnosis of breast cancer. These silicone implants hide possible lesions or tumors. Also, there are specific physical risks associated with these implants, as they may rupture, and result in deflation.Moreover, technology has made people highly interested in acquiring a better living standard, often at the expense of others. They have become ignorant of the negative consequences the tall skyscrapers might have on the people living in impoverished portions of the society. Also, the increase in the number of vehicles on the road has reached such an extent that it is even becoming difficult to breathe in such a polluted atmosphere. The individuals of the society are merely concerned with gaining benefits for themselves. The deforestation has resulted in a loss of habitat for numerous animal species, not to mention the negative impact on the environment regarding global warming.On the other hand, some people also disagree with the idea that technology has made humans less empathetic. They argue that due to the technology like television and the social media, any event occurring at any part of the world is transmitted to the rest of the world in an instant. Therefore, now more people are aware of what is happening around the world than ever before. The social movements, like the civil rights and the feminist movements, were only successful due to their rapid and vast media coverage. However, it is a weak argument. It is the very media that has established such high standards of beauty, for both the males and the females. Also, different media channels are merely concerned for increasing their ratings and would go to any length to do so. They exploit poverty and people suffering from unfortunate consequences for the sole purpose of maximizing their ratings.In conclusion, although the technology was meant for the betterment of humankind, it is not utilized for such purpose. Instead of using it to help the poor and the needy, the government spends a significant portion of the budget on developing the weapons industry. People are now solely interested in their goals, and the environment which supports the human lives is degraded. Therefore, it is indeed true that technology has made the individuals in the society less empathetic.

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