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Published: 2021-07-06 06:40:42
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Successful lifelong learning begins with learning about oneself. As a student, I am committed to regularly taking stock of my learning strengths and weaknesses. Particularly, there have been many times I assessed myself and became aware of the helpful study practices as well as self-defeating learning habits that I have developed over the time. Also, my strengths and weaknesses greatly affect my performance at work. When I am realistic about my strengths and weaknesses I feel I am on a clear path to learning. My greatest strength is my growth mindset while my major weakness is my tendency to add more tasks to my “to do” list than I can successfully accomplish.Through my regular self-assessment, I have come to the recognition of my need to transform my negative learning habits into effective learning tools. First of all, my greatest strength as a learner is my belief that my future success comes from my continuous effort and perseverance. I feel excited by all new knowledge and skills I am learning to achieve my life goals, and when looking back my tough experiences, I feel proud that even in setbacks, I learned something useful, tried harder next time, and ultimately succeeded. There were many times I positively responded to frustration and failure. I have learned critical thinking skills and employed them in academics and even in life situations.I have learned some things about myself that I did not know. I have also learned what are my strengths and weaknesses in the learning styles. I learned that my two strengths in the learning styles are aural and read/write and my weaknesses are visual and kinesthetic learning. I’ve learned about different strategies that I can use so I can learn easier. I also learned what are my weakness and strengths in my talents. I learned that my weaknesses are Verbal/linguistic, and musical intelligence. I learned that my main strengths are Naturalist and Logical-mathematical intelligence. I found out that my main strength is that learn threw nature.Another important strength of me is that I can be out and about at a restaurant and be doing my homework right on my smartphone or I-pad, it’s very convenient. When it comes to online learning it allows me to take courses around my schedule that proves to me that I am able to multitask pretty well which is often a good thing. The strengths I bring to the classroom are being able to communicate with all my classmates all over the world. I also bring positive energy to my classmates and my instructor by stating how well they did on their post or even asking the instructor questions even though I feel like I know the answer already there is no harm in asking a question. I bring patience with other classmates I may not even understand or don’t even know it is important for me. I enjoy being able to talk to my classmates.The Reverend, Martin Luther King, Jr. asks us: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” I have always enjoyed volunteering in a variety of service areas over the years, but seldom reflected a great deal on how the experience helped me discover meaning or purpose. I basically saw a need or was presented with a need and stepped in to offer help. As I reflect on my service learning experience with the Perinatal Loss Program for Hospice, I offered my artistic ability to enhance a memento given to families who suffered the loss of a baby. I never realized how my artwork in this capacity could really make a difference in anyone’s life until I received some feedback from a volunteer doula. Apparently, my contribution to the Memory Boxes had a significant impact on the recipients.This particular service learning project helped me to understand what the organization does, how it does it and, most importantly, who the people are that benefit from it. Painting little boxes that were put together by other volunteers is not only an honor but a privilege. I have been able to see a connection deeper than just what the service provided. Ralph Waldo Emerson understands the concept that I am trying to convey: “It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Losing a baby is a tragedy, and mothers are not in a frame of mind to understand what they need at the time. Grieving families desperately seek something to hold onto that reminds them of their baby. We should provide moral support to such families.In my opinion the education of vigorous importance, it is a right, and all people have the right to obtain an education. Having the opportunity of conveying to our relatives, to our families, the information we have learned is, without a hesitation, something delightful. If an individual studies, he can apply that knowledge to numerous circumstances of normal life, from the kitchenette, knowing that foodstuff is more nutritive, until you know if the yield that you have given after buying is accurate. The learning styles inventory showed me what my strengths and weaknesses were when it came to learning.Another strength of me in learning is the style Active Experimentation (“doing”) and my lowest point on the graph was Concrete Feeling. Someone whose style is Active Experimentation tend to enjoy doing hands-on activities to see if the idea actually works. My learning strengths are actually testing out ideas or experimenting something by doing trial and error. Also, my learning style is taking time out of my schedule to actually sit down and practice what I have learned on that specific day. When I learn something new in school, I go home and try different homework questions solely based on that idea. Another one of my strengths is taking leadership. When it comes to group work, I always try to lead the group in the activity.The human mind is a very interesting place, the will and wants to continuous improvement in a consent in our brain. This trait which is talked about by my teacher “Learning agility is a mindset and corresponding collection of practices “. This is how I would describe myself, the type of learner that works days on their craft days in and days out. The years leading up to where I am now has shown me what I want to become.In my future development plan, I need to expand the concepts of work and learning. I need to set the objective for learning and work hard on them. Physical Education is also included in my future development plan. I would recommend myself to participate in adapted physical education. I think it would be beneficial for me learning to take adapted physical education because I would be able to accommodate and modify the curriculum around physical strengths and weaknesses. In my lifetime I have had many numerous difficulties, Education, health, family, economic, however, I never lowered my arms, outside the information that houses my attention, I have a promise to the other, I know I can inspire, discover other ways. I have learned to manage with groups, learning the best way for the job to be productive, evading difficulties, but never fudging them. My promise is real, I am attentive in education being equivalent for all. I am willing to study new methods in future, to listen to thoughts, to work in a group to strengthen our determinations.Undoubtedly my biggest challenge for future practices will be to continue putting my higher education in play and polishing it on a daily basis and ensuring that the data that I get has functionality for learning and that it does not happen to me as we read in many texts that just stay there in simple data collection without utility. I will re be required to be motivated towards education. I think Motivation for learning begins early in life and is supported by a belief system. How one thinks and believes in his ability to learn is brought into the classroom, therefore, influencing the result. Motivation takes place at every point in the learning and achievement process. The process of learning relies on the student and his ability to focus and absorb the content of the material.I also need to make the study method effective and carry out a task effectively with a minimum expenditure of energy. Estimating time is also important in learning. I need to create a table where to insert a time estimate based on the type of exercise done and the time actually used, no fear initially the estimates may not be correct but this “error” could serve as a compass to better organize the study, knowing how long it takes a certain task. I also need to avoid the use of sarcastic and harsh language for better learning. Hence, by adopting these ways, I can improve my learning in education.

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