Literature review on how effective is carotid massage as a reversion technique in comparison to the Valsalva, for adult patients in a prehospital setting experiencing sVT.

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IntroductionA literature review is a process of summarizing a research that you have already worked on1. The work you have done may contain a given topic and while doing the literature review, one has to evaluate the literature on that particular topic. The literature review has some set of objectives. The first objective is to deeply analyses the topic that is under discusion. Secondly, it focuses on summarizing the information found in that particular literature and lastly, literature review aims at doing a comprehensive survey in the area of literature you have chosen. Consequently, one should consider some vital areas. There should be an order of writing the literature review and that order must be up to date2.On the other hand, there are several ways in which literature review differs to the normal essays. When writing an essay, one mainly focuses on a given topic, uses available sources, and quotes to support the arguments in the essay. However, literature review aims at an open-ended discussion. The literature review has some impact on the writer. It enables an individual to understand the methodologies used in the topic, assist one to summaries the topic, it prepares one to take undertake new reviews among other importance. The two main types of reviews are the systematic review and the narrative review3. Narrative review undertakes search methods while systematic review undertakes critical methods. In this assignment, it is going to do the literature review on how effective is carotid massage as a reversion technique in comparison to the Valsalva, for adult patients in a prehospital setting experiencing SVT. The assignment is going to establish the methods used while doing the review, the results of the review and lastly is the general discussion on the review.MethodsIn this literature review, the suitable method used in this case is the PICO method4. P refers to the population, I refers to intervention, and C is for comparison while O means the outcome of the result. For instance in the above question, the population is the adult in SVT in the prehospital setting, the intervention is the Valsalva Manoeuvre, there is no comparison case and lastly, the outcome is the incident of the reversion. After identifying, the question and formulating it, the next step is to do the research5. The most resource place of getting the required information is the library. The library has so many books and journals providing the information on the question but in this case, the sources used are the peer-reviewed journals. However, there are other reliable sources of information such as trove and Victoria university institutional repository.After identifying the sources of the information, the next procedure is to search for the journals themselves. There are various skills essential in this step. For instance the writing skills6. The first step is to sign up in the library database and go to the search panel the type the name of the journal. It is important to note that; googling is not effective in this step. The reason is that the result of the google will only be abstract but not the full information needed. The library database is arranged in alphabetical order, to search the information needed, it is important to browse alphabetically then choose on the health and medical sciences7. You need to have searching skills because; one word may be referred using different names. It is therefore essential to know the keywords in each case.ResultThe outcome of the search gives a range of books. However, it is important to choose the respected journal, peer-reviewed and good reputation. In this case, the Excellence for Research in Australia is the most applicable8. It provides quality journals by comparing one journal to the other. It provides almost 21000 peers reviewed journals. The journals are grouped by A*, A, B and lastly C with the A* as the most quality information resource. Apart from that, the other indicator used in this case is Ulrich’s Web. It provides over 300,000 journals and magazines. When confirming if a journal is previewed in this case, one should look at the left side. On the last part, journal citation report also provides effective journals. It does the ranking by providing the most recent cited journals in the field9.One looks at how many times any journal has been cited. The most recent citation for instance two years is the best group. The Scopus also provides essential information on journals. It provides the trends of the citation. Scopus is highly applied in the science department than the humanities side. Reputations and relevance is an important aspect of the search results. The audience you are relaying information to consider the reputation and relevance of any journal. If you have gotten your perfect article on the database but you have a problem of viewing the full text, there is a link provided for you to access all the articles.DiscussionWhen doing your research, the first thing that you should have in your mind is the research question. The PICO method outlines how the question is grouped into different sections to ease your work. Apparently, the researchers differ on how they provide information on the articles. However, it is important to follow the steps in order to make sure you get the best out of the research10. There are various variables such as AND, OR and BOTH, these are important guides when browsing in the search engines. After the research, it is important to have a referencing way. The best and the easiest style is the footnote referencing.ConclusionAt the end of the day, one is needed to have the chart on reliable journals the information came from. The above method is the best way as it aims at easing the process of doing the literature review. Apparently, doing a literature review need the knowledge of planning. In this assignment, the easiest method is PICO. The method ease the load of literature review by providing an easy methodological approach. It is therefore essential to stick on the steps that have been illustrated.ReferenceAveyard H. Doing a literature review in health and social care: A practical guide. McGraw-Hill Education (UK); 2014.Booth A, Sutton A, Papaioannou D. Systematic approaches to a successful literature review. Sage; 2016 May 10.Brinjikji W, Luetmer PH, Comstock B, Bresnahan BW, Chen LE, Deyo RA, Halabi S, Turner JA, Avins AL, James K, Wald JT. Systematic literature review of imaging features of spinal degeneration in asymptomatic populations. American Journal of Neuroradiology. 2015 Apr 1;36(4):811-6.Darlington CK, Hutson SP. 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