Lyric Complexity of Popular Songs

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:14
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IntroductionThe research analysis is based on the popularity of the complicated types of the lyric songs. Through the research it has been found that these songs are mostly used in complicated way in most of the countries across the world which brings about a lot of the genre complication in music industry. The research categorically has been based on some popular particularly the hip-pops and the rock & pop songs for great analysis. For better analysis of the songs, average levels of the songs were collected in relation to their playing bits and counter character of the individual songs and it was found that they have a complication form of application. There are certain methods which were used in the same for interpretation of the data based on the songs. The database which was used come up with different 225 types of the songs in four different datasets. This gave a certain optimum data points of 2000 and above. The readability score of the songs becomes a major way of measuring whether the song was either complex or just simple composed using either simple lyric. Basically this research is basically on determination of how the lyric songs are complex. The analysis of the songs gives the composition of the songs in their lyrical ways in data. The data analysis is basically understood through the way the songs are complex and therefore, the songs are given for average level of grades. Based on data analysis, 2006 was the highest level of the intelligence for songs.Genre analysis from 2005 to 2014It is clear that there was much of the lyric drop based on the word count in the year 2010. Based on the datasets, raps and pop sound seem to have taken the position as compared to word in the rock as well as country. Through this analysis, it is basically very true that pop songs and the rocks become intelligent just more than the country songs. It becomes very hard to understand that pops are more intelligent.Intelligent of the genre covered over 10 yearsThere is exception just from the year 2009 and year 2011 which gives an average of 3.3 in relation to the country music. This has given lights on fact that rock songs are more intelligent having and approximate of 2.9 and the pop having the same 2.9 as well as the R and B for 2.6. This is basically having much of the reasons for the same because there is much of the word which plays length important role than the country which is mostly involved in the same. In this case, there was much of the repeated 100 times of the row. Through this, it is very true mimic sounds are basically used in the lyric but this does not matter how much the same has is used in the pop. Syllables in the play songs become very important in interpretation of the songs. Some songs such as country give a full big type of word count giving admirable sounds. It is very true that there have been very big different between the grades and length of the songs giving them a negative view of the whole lyric. In the year 2007, it is found be the year of less top ranks of songs. The research gives the analysis of the 2005 and 2006 raise of the curiously in wondering position of the songs period time. The trend of the songs flow in 10 years of application is basically based on the way they captured from different years just as mention in the datasets. It is very true that the trend of the songs categorization is given in different types of identification and in particular country songs.The future of the songsThe future of the songs is basically based on the perfect ways through which we look on the application of the songs from different years of perspective. Since our main area of concern is lyric songs and the country songs in particular, it is very convincing that the same research objectives give a modern meaning of the songs. The calculation of the songs becomes very sensitive in this case since it gives the test through the way different songs operates. The open source type of data gives the determination of the complexity of the lyric songs and the way they increase their level of the popularity. In this research, there were some factors which were held in constant such as the marketing level of the investment which influence normal concern of the songs. The constraint is basically on the songs which have achieved much in billboard and datasets established on the efforts.ConclusionIn this research it is best form of the model for explanation of the variance in the songs indications. The fact that models of the gives predicts of the of the songs trends, it becomes useful for decision making in determination of which song is important for popularity complexity. In this research it has been very strong evidence that private types of the music utilize most of the datasets for the purpose of the collecting the popular songs. In my recommendation I do seek for much of the information concerning the variables and impacts which results from the incorporated models of the music and songs of concern. The result which is given in the analysis gives the position of the songs which are entered in the charts for prediction of the most complex songs.

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