Making of a Strategic Marketing Plan

Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:51
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There could be many possible reasons for a strategic marketing plan. The target market is one of the most important factors of all. The right target market can become a reason for success or failure depending upon the nature of the project. However, in this case, the market analysis seemed to ignore the possible needs or to identify the right market. There are apparent reasons of failure to a survey. Choosing the right medium in the marketing surveys is imperative. It could be possible that the survey was biased or somehow targeting the wrong Audience (Hanlon, 2017).The strategic marketing plan requires an in-depth understanding of how things work regarding customers. The program might have ignored the basic principles of marketing, more importantly, the outlining of marketing segmentation (AMOR Consulting, 2015). The clinicians might have been lacking certain skills for marketing. A market-driven plan requires a set of plans which includes comprehensive market research. Primarily the research about the market trends, customer needs, etc.The needs of the customers vary time to time. The clinicians might not have realized that. The new clients had certainly different than those of prior ones. The main difference would have been the underlying psychology of the customer (Fawzy, 2015). The existing customers were facilitated by the company based on the needs. The new target market was not a right fit for the organization. They were different people with different needs and attitude towards the product. The stakeholders have entirely different set of mind (Entrepreneur Media, 2017). They have different priorities. The stakeholders have planned differently to approach the new market. The new market has certainly backfired for the acute-care hospital (Stensberg, 2015). The product was just not for the new target market, or it lacked the current needs of the market. Customer needs are one of many reasons for failure in the marking plan, but it certainly is the most important one.ReferenceHanlon, (2017). The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning model. Retrieved July 2, 2017 from Media, (2017). How to make a Marketing Plan. Retrieved July 2, 2017 from

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