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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:40
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When discussing about issues prevalent in the primary market, in association with preference towards the product selection of Fries coupled with the shakes and burgers, has faced a severe problems in the U.S market. Fast food companies have been blamed as being one of the major promoter of bad health and as such advertising in a market with the given criterion, has placed the fast food business into a perilous situation.McDonalds has fought against this opposing concept of fast food joints being the sole proprietors towards introducing items that give birth to obesity. They have disclosed this on numerous occasions that in no such manner have they intimidated their clients towards adopting an unhealthy diet. Moreover there are several policies that have introduced the selection for healthy food items in their meal menus as well. Building on the data gathered through most of their customer feedbacks and market analysis reviews has assisted in identifying the key areas of the problem (Ginsberg & Bloom 2004).Identifying the essentials and pinpointing it into the question of how much does advertising effect on a consumer’s decision making power? Possible environmental factors being violated and means to solve this? These questions having a clear stated reference in the proprietary information of McDonalds and forming as one of the underlying principles on which most franchises carry out their daily operations, allows for a smooth customer dealing experience for McDonalds (Vignali 2001). One of the major benefactors for the company in this context can be associated towards finding a solution for the before mentioned questions. Building their future action plan on the grounds of the information acquired through customer oriented surveys can allow the company a clear insight into the fields that need to be worked on (McNeal 1999). However, it will prove to benefit the organization to seek out further information through surveys or research into a given market segment to understand the challenges, changing consumer trends and ethical problems prevailing in a society.ReferencesGinsberg, J. M., & Bloom, P. N. (2004). Choosing the right green-marketing strategy. MIT Sloan Management Review, 46(1), 79.McNeal, J. U. (1999). The kids market: Myths and realities. Paramount Market Publishing.Vignali, C. (2001). McDonald’s:“think global, act local”–the marketing mix. British Food Journal, 103(2), 97-111. 

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