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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:01
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1)Let X denote IQ of an individual. Then  a)  i.e. 0.57%b)  i.e. 0.043%Required number of students = 0.00043(12000) = 5.16 ~ 5c)  i.e. 2.275%d)We want to find ‘x’ such that  From Normal probability tables, we get  which is the required IQ.Q2.a) z = (3 – 5.2)/1.3z = – 0.733P = 0.2327b) z = (2 – 5.2)/1.3z = – 2.46P = 0.006947Get back = 150000 * 0.006947Get back = about 1042c) z score for lowest 10% = – 1.28(x – 5.2)/1.3 = – 1.28x = 3.536

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