More Recreation Time Positively Impacts Employee Attitude and Performance

Published: 2021-07-06 23:09:55
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It is evident that life is not all about work. There is the need for time to connect with the family since they are also precious. Money can’t buy certain things in life such as family and happiness. Have you thought of having a “me” time? If not, then it should be part of your priority to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. There is need to listen to yourself and reconnect from inside. That makes it possible to grow your soul and learn to act with a sober mind. The organization can create the balance through some aspects as posited by Moore (2017, November 21). First, it is imperative to communicate with the employees and see what works best for them. That should be inclusive of the policies set by the organization in handling family affairs such as volunteer activities. Shifts and flexible working hours will also make it possible for the employees to spend time with their families and also have time for themselves. Having a paid time off makes employees feel appreciated and can still attend to their families. That alone is an aspect of motivation.In future, I look forward to securing a position in a flexible organization to give back to the society through volunteer activities and also spend time with the family. It is clear that the healthcare industry is demanding with the growing patient base. It will be okay working during odd hours to meet the needs of the patients. However, it is still imperative to create time within the week and address personal concerns as well as that of the family. That will contribute to a meaningful life and make it possible in addressing key aspects of life.ReferencesMoore, M. M. (2017, November 21). Balancing Employee Needs With Organizational Demands for Performance. Retrieved April 14, 2018, from

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