Moshe the Beadle Character Analysis

Published: 2021-07-06 23:10:48
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In our character analysis essay, we shall consider a character by the name Moshe the Beadle. The reason why I choose Moshe the Beadle is because of his role in the book. Also, what I like about Moshe the Beadle is the fact that his ethics reverberate throughout the script, despite the fact that he vanishes after the first few pages. In my point of view. I identify with the character on the level of religion and faith; as a Christian who has strong ethical values and believes in the existence of God. I believe that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. He is the most superior being, and He is everlasting. Physically Moshe the Beadle was as weird as a clown, and his delicate, shy nature made folks smile. In addition to that feature, he had wide, dreamy eyes that gazed off into the distancePeople of Transylvania used to refer to him as Moshe the Beadle, and this was as if he never had a last name. Moshe was the jack-of-all-trades (a shtibl) within the Hasidic dynasty of prayer. Majority of the Jews of Sighet a small city in Transylvania were fond of him. Moshe the Beadle was a poor lad who survived in absolute poverty. As a rule, as the people of the town helped the penurious, they never liked them, but surprisingly Moshe the Beadle was the only exemption. “He stayed out of people’s way”. His existence was not a bother to anyone since he had learnt the skill of representing himself imperceptible, and inconsequential. According to this example, it is factual to say that Moshe the Beadle was an introvert. This is because he never wanted to associate himself with other people, he stayed alone and stayed out of the way of people. Also, as much as he was living in absolute poverty, he was a wise man.Through avoiding contact with many people, he reduced the possibility of colliding with people or even being a liability to the community that which he lived in. Moishe the Beadle was an intelligent man. One evening as Eliezer told him that she was unhappy since she could not find a master to teach her the secrets of the Jewish mysticism, the Zohar, and the Kabbalistic works. Moishe smiled, and after a period of silence, he replied, “There are a thousand and one gates allowing entry into the orchard of the mythical truth. Every human being has his gate. He must not interfere with or err to enter the orchard through the gate other than his own. That would present danger not only for the one entering but also for those who are already inside.” The response indicated that Moishe was a brilliant chap, after listening to Eliezer’s plead, he does not jump to conclusions, but he took his time and figured out for the most appropriate response.One day as Eliezer was entering the temple, she saw Moishe seated on the bench at the entry. Moishe elucidated to her all that had transpired. As the train carrying the outcasts traversed the boundary of Hungary, and it reached the terrain of the Polish the train was stopped. The Jewish people were commanded alight and wait in the Lorries. Later on, the Lorries began their convoy into the forest, and once they reached their destination, the Jews were forced to dig large trenches. As soon as they were done, the men from Gestapo began to shoot their prisoners. Luckily, after all the drama Moishe the Beadle managed to escape. This event happened in the Galician forest, near a place known as Kolomay.After this incidence, Moishe became a different person. “The joy in his eyes was gone. He no longer sang. He no longer mentioned Kabbalah or God.” Moishe began only to speak that which he saw. Unfortunately, folks refused to have faith in him, and they also repudiated to give him an audience. This change is of importance to the character since he was now able to see the reality of life, and how things were. He had a new definition of faith, as he believed that he was saved from death miraculously.Towards the end of the novel, Moishe had become more silent and was afraid of talking. He would wander through the streets or the synagogue, eyes cast down, hunched over, and avoiding peoples’ stares. The horrifying accident that Moishe witnessed with his own bare eyes tormented him. The incidence was a combination of the Nazi’s lack of humanity, and the emotional bight he experienced in the hands of the people he considered as friends, and his townspeople. This made Moishe the Beadle leave Sighet and run away, hence leaving the people of the town into their cruel destiny. In my opinion, this change was for the worse. This is because; Moishe’s life changed completely and he now became like a crazy man. Majority of the people began to think that the only thing he needed was pity, while others thought that he imagined his things.Finally, the lesson I have learnt from the experience of the character is the fact that life is very much unfair, and the society will not always be on your side during times of trials. I am disappointed and at the same time sorrowful about what Moishe has been through. He escaped death by a whisker, but when he comes back to warn the people of Sighet they reject his message, and they assume that he is just a madman. Moishe has been through a lot, and all he deserved was for the people to believe in him, regardless of his social status.

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