Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid”

Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:24
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Fred Vogelstein, “And then Steve Said, “Let There Be an iPhone”This essay is based on the discussion of what benefits and loses the advance in modern technology has given us in the past two or three decades. Mainly keeping in focus the time of the twenty-first century, technology has amazed mankind all over the globe with its new wonders and now it is completely impossible to consider a life without all the technology and science around us. However, everything that exists in this world does have a lot of benefits with more or less loses or disadvantages.There is nothing in this world that does not have a dark side. This statement fits everything, living or non-living, in this world. Examples of it can be enormous but let us exemplify the thing that has become a definite essential in today’s people’s lives. That thing or wonder of modern science and technology is none other than Google itself. No work is done without the help of Google in today’s world. Whether it is about finding any word’s meaning, looking up for a cooking recipe or searching the history or completing one’s research work, Google’s help is required.Nicholas Carr has, however, described one of the significant sides of excessive use and dependency of the modern world on Google. The point is that this availability of enormous information and knowledge has gradually settled and adjusted our brains to the fact that we do not have to remember anything for a long period of time We do have Google at our backs that can help us at any place and at any time. This fact, in our sub-conscious, has not only made us super-dependent on this modern technology but also has affected our core of mind-controlling attention, concentration, and memory.As Corr, author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” talks about the statement of Clive Thompson as “internet can be an enormous boon to thinking”. But that boon comes at a price. This price is our rhythm of concentration, attention, and ability to memorize important information. The author (Corr) also directs this thought to the admitted fact by Friedman, a pathologist at University of Michigan Medical School, that “I have lost the ability to do that (reading). Even a blog post of more than three or four paragraphs is too much to absorb. I skim it”.This statement explains the situation and whole discussion pretty well. It is now become extremely difficult to focus, pay attention to anything related to information and knowledge for a longer period of time. Not only Google but the smartphone, including both Apple and Android, have also played major and significant roles in this regard. As Fred Vogelstein said in his article, “And then Steve Said, “Let There Be an iPhone” about what has happened during the journey of exploring the world of technology and spreading it to the world in form of iPhones and then android phones.Vogelstein takes a reference to the story of Grignon, the senior engineer at Apple, who explained the whole that happened when Steve decided to launch iPhone. He explained how Steve Jobs never accepted guilty of any mistake and used to behave at mistakes by saying, “It felt like we had gone through the demo a hundred times and each time something went wrong. It was not a good feeling”. However, the main thing in the core of discussion was that how iPhone at first and Android after sometime took over the whole world of technology and gradually imprisoned the minds of their users. Now, no adult person working, educating or even staying at home can imagine a so-called ‘normal life’ without Google, smartphones and other major technology and scientific wonders.

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