Nutritional Genomics

Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:18
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1. It is the science studying relationship between human nutrition, health, and genome. It is further divided into nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Nutrigenomics is the study of the impact of nutrients on the health through changing proteome, genome, metabolome and also the resulting change in the physiology while nutrigenetics is the impact of genetic variation on the interaction between health and diet with implication to susceptible subgroups. Therefore nutrigenomic is establishing the impact of the nutrient ingested and other food components on expression and regulation of the gene. It also determines the person nutritional requirements based on the genetic makeup of the individual diet.2. The relationship between diet and health is well confirmed. However, the renewed interest in that dietary component is biologically active and how they exert the development of the nutritional genomics is pushing their impact. Therefore its application of higher throughput functional genomic technology in the research of nutrition. The technology is integrated into the database of sequences of genomic and inter-individual genetic variability. This enables the process of genes expressions to be researched for many different genes in parallel. These techniques facilitate the definitions of the optimal nutrition at a level of population, individuals and specified groups. It results to promote the development of the food delivery treatment and functionally that enhance food to improve health.The study offers the way to optimize equity of life and human health. It’s attractive endeavor. It encompasses most of the aspect of the science that ranges from human genomes, food science, microorganisms and plants, analytical sciences, statistics and computing of large system and also human behavior. The major feature of nutritional genomics is a single nucleotide polymorphism in the genes which interact with the nutrients and other components of food that are bioactive. Changes in genes can lead to alterations in the metabolism, absorption and functional response to the bioactive nutritional factor. Food component of bioactive can also generate genes expression at the protein abundance, transcriptome and protein turnover level. The important variable that should take into account food nutritional variability that is eating behavior related to food consumed and the actual amount of food taken.Nutrigenomics has received attention due to its potential for mitigating, preventing and treating of chronical disease like cancer. Evidence shows that nutrients from foods influence human health through food ability to change epigenetic and genetic events that are related to the various illness like cancer. Good nutrition recommendation used disease management and privation. Inadequate folate like vitamin B intake increases the risk of colorectal cancer. However high intake of the cruciferous vegetable is related to reduction of risk to lung and colorectal cancer3. Nutritional Genomics treatment differs from other treatment methods like traditional pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs in many ways. Nutritional genomics uses the vegetable and herb to treat disease. This depends on the diet consumed by the patient to care disease. Example of the herb drags are the traditional Chinese medicine that is developed from different plants and herbs. Nutritional genomics method is more of preventive that cure. It prevents the occurrence of chronic disease like cancer by taking balanced diet. On the other hand, traditional pharmaceutical and prescription drugs are the drugs taken after the individual show symptom of the certain disease and are taken under instruction from the doctor. Sometime those drugs may have a side effect on the patient. Therefore, nutrigenomics treatment is best because it prevents develop of the disease thus maintain the health of the individual. It is better to prevent occurrence or development of disease than to cure the disease by the drug. Some of the chronic illness don’t have the cure for cancer. Therefore, it is better to prevent its development by taking balanced nitrate food to keep the body healthy.ReferencesDoll R, Peto R. “The causes of cancer: quantitative estimates of avoidable risks of cancer in the United States today.” Natl Cancer (1981).Johansson I, Ingelman-Sundberg. “CNVs of human genes and its implication in pharmacogenetics.” Cytogenet Genome Res (2008).Peterson J, Dwyer J. ” Flavonoids: dietary occurrence and biochemical activity.” Nutr Res (1998).

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