Operational Procedures of a Company

Published: 2021-07-07 00:14:09
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Customer Acquisition/SalesIn this process, our company will focus on the methods of acquiring customers hence increasing the volume of sales. As we all know, the critical aspect of every company is customer acquisition for the benefit of the company. This process will, therefore, deal with the persuasion of potential customers to buy our goods by telling them why we offer the best in the market. The process will ensure that every potential customer is thoroughly convinced that we are the best and after convincing the customer, they will ensure the customer purchases the commodity he or she wanted with the best price ever in the market. The results of using this process are that it will bring in more customers hence increasing the volume of sales. With the increased volume of sales, benefits will increase, and the company will run on profits.Customer Relations ManagementThis process will ensure that client’s bits of knowledge are incorporated and their divisions. The process also monitors the interaction between our companies interaction with the potential customers. The process will try to uses data from the past to analyze customer’s history with the aim of improving the relationship between the company and its customers. This process will majorly be concerned with customer retention hence driving the ultimate growth of sales. The results of using this system is that it will enable the company to learn their target audience even in their adverts and through this; they can easily cater to the needs of their customers. CRM will lead to the increase in the number of customers and with increased customers, the volumes of sales will go up hence high profitability. CRM will also lead to increased customer retention to the company.Employee Development and SatisfactionThis system in our company will ensure that our employees are satisfied with all means and that their talents or rather a profession is developed well in the company. Employee development involves helping the employees shape their future through nurturing the talents they have at work and their professionalism. By so doing the employees will realize how important they are to the company and this will make them deliver even more. Employee satisfaction, on the other hand, involves making the employees feel cared for while working for the company. Employees will be satisfied when they are given fair payments and good treatment while doing their jobs. This two aspect of employee relations will make our company have committed employees who are willing to work even in the worst scenarios of the company. The result of this process to our organization will be increased workers input to the processes in the company, and this will lead to increased volumes of sales making the company to make even more profits.Financial Analysis, Reporting, and Capital ManagementThis system in our company is very vital and must be considered by any chance. Financial matters are very important for every organization and should be given utmost attention for the success of the business. This system will examine the financial position of the company and through that; our company will be able to make decisions correctly. The system will deal will the credits of the company, debts of the company and create invoices for the respective payments received or made. This process will also keep track of all payments made to and from the company. It is also responsible for updating the customer’s profile like I a case where a customer owed the company, but the payment is made. The result of this system to the company is that it tells the management the financial position of the company and hence they can make vital decisions on the future of the company.WarehousingThe system is one of the busiest in the entire organization. It will be responsible for the creation of pick list of goods purchased by the customer already but are to be picked. It is also responsible for quality controls, picking, unloading, staging, shipping, release, and confirmation of shipments, labeling alongside many other activities in the company.Financial Planning and ControlsIn this planning and control system, our organization will have two people handling our money at a time to reduce the temptation of fraudulent acts. It will also conduct a check before hiring employees and contractors to ensure our organization is dealing with clean people in the society. It will also be responsible for issuing of refunds and return policies as per the authorization. This planning and control will also safeguard the customer credit cards and critical financial information. It is also given the mandate to acquire the best insurance for our facility and the correct bonding in case one is required.Operational Controls and PlanningThis control has the sole responsibility of managing the costs and the ultimate expenditures from the approved budgets. The department will also be given the sole responsibility of monitoring the level of customer satisfaction from the goods we sell to them. This can be done by conducting surveys and as well interviews.Marketing Planning and ControlsThis control is responsible for monitoring of sales records keeping track of the deadlines set by the company. This control is also given the sole responsibility of creating a scorecard upon which key marketing metrics are marked. It also creates a kind of formal approval process for the company.Sales Planning and ControlsThis planning control gives the sales team a range upon, which they can make their argument with the customers. They can give discounts and credits to buyers through the sales team. This sector also establishes an approved procedure for the sales expectations. It also has all the standardized paperwork used by the whole company in making its sales to the customers. This control also ensures that all the employees in the company use only company controlled phone numbers, fax and emails when dealing with clients who in this case are the buyers. This department also provides a direct line or rather method allowing the customers served to comment on the kinds of services they received, that is feedbacks or concerns. The department is also given the sole responsibility of coming up with a clear record of closing ratios, return rates and others besides keeping accurate sales matrices.

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