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Published: 2021-07-07 00:15:13
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IntroductionResource planning plays an essential role in any project or event. If you manage your resources with a proper plan, it will help to organise achieve or fulfil the project. Planning plays a vital role in the management of resources. For the appropriate management of resources, you need planning for them. Funds may be people, money, place or equipment’s or more commonly use resources word for natural resources such as oil, gas and mineral resources. In any resources planning and management play an important role either you have on a large scale or small state, worldwide, or on the state or community level, the plan has a lot of contribution in any program, task or project (Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017). If you have proper planning and managing team, you will achieve maximum with minimum resources and if a lot of resources are not adequately planned or managed you will face many problems. Planning and management would play an essential role if you had well prepared and control you cannot meet a challenge when you gave practical shapes to your ideas.Resource planning is systematic planning of an ongoing process according to the resources and their demand. If there is proper management of a particular resource, it will play an essential role to fulfil the project. Funds may be human resources and financial resources, in any program human and financial resources play a vital role (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015). Planning and management is a process that bridge the resources needs of an organisation to a particular plan for that these resources are required. Human resource means a specialised staff that are needed for a specific project of an organisation. Human resource planning plays a vital role in the project as a financial resource play a role in any project. Well planned human fund plays a crucial role in the success of planning (Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017). When an organisation have not well-defined human resource management and planning, it will face many problems to achieve their goals and objective.Well defined human resource and management play a vital role in achieving your goals and objectiveHuman resource planning and management play a crucial role in the health sector. In every field of life, human resource plays a vital role, but the position of human resource is more in the health sector. In health sector planning and management of human resource have a hugely important and they are a very close link between these two end if a there is not proper human resource management in health it cause many severe problems and directly affect the society. If human resource are not well planned and manage they influence the effectiveness of health sectors or hospital, in contrast, there is a direct relationship between health and population and that relation is very close (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015).In the health sector, you need proper planning and management for creating a good environment or patient-friendly environment of hospitals. Human resource and planning play a vital role in creating a good and patient-friendly environment of hospitals (Baumann et al. 2016).Importance of effective planningPlanning plays an active role in any organisation. The plan needs to achieve the desired goals and objective. It is proper planning that decides that what is our priority, what is second and what third priority is. When you set your preference than another step that required that is how to achieve these goals objectives. For this purpose, you need specific planning how to achieve these goals and objectives (Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017). In the second step, you make strategies how to achieve these goals according to your resource either financial or human resources these resources play a vital role to achieve your goals.Any organisation either small or large have specific resources according to which you can achieve your desired aims and objectives. The process that involves and play a vital role in this regard that is planning. You need to prepare how to accomplish these aims or target according to your limited resources. Planning may help to achieve your goals with specific resources.During planning, you set or establish your goals that are needed for the organisation and make a policy to how to manage the uncertain things and how to manage the risk. For achieving the desired goals, you need to a proper team that will help to make the goals. In team building the human resource play a vital role(Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017).  Planning helps any organisation to think realistic and avoid idealism. When you have a proper plan, you know about your weaknesses and your intense focus on which you more relay.You need a scientific process for achieving your desired goals and objective. You need work in accordance to the availability of resources, every organisation have different purposes and have various resources. For attaining your desired target, you need a well-planned procedure through which you achieve your goals and objective that is necessary for you. Planning makes you in a position to succeed yours within a particular resource that you have. Without a proper plan, it is not possible that you achieve your objectives in a specific or limited human and financial resources(Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017).In your planning another factor that plays an important that is an independent factor that is a community. Community or volunteer factor plays a vital role in your plan which is uncontrolled. You may have well, and ground-oriented planning but you cannot find this factor. This factor has a high impact on the planning, and in achieving your goals and objective, you cannot control them only make policies how to limit this factor.Effective resource management and good budget skills Resource management plays a vital role in any planning how to achieve your desired goals and objective. When you are planning about any goals, the budgetary factor or financial resources play an essential role you need to make planning you achieve your goals or objective within defined or limited budget or resources that you have. Planning plays a vital role in to achieve your objectives within allocated budget. Management of resources or budget is an essential part of the plan. That you need to control during your planning (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015).Resources play a vital role achieving the goals you have limited human and financial resources, but you have many objectives. When you have fewer resources and more objective you need proper planning and management of the funds for achieving your goals with limited resources. Adequate planning and resource management play a vital role in the mission (Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017). When you have a well-planned mission or targets in which you have a realistic policy, it will help to achieve your goals or objective.Resources play a central role in management, when you managed a program event or task first of all you what you ha resources what is your capability. Your planning and management move around the funds. When you managed your particular resources according to the objectives and task, it will help you during the work. There are two main types of resources that are playing a vital role in achieving your goal and got more attention during mange and planning that is human and financial resources. After planning you make such a policy that meets your objectives according to the certain resources that you have (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015).The relationship between planning and management:There is very closes relationship between management and planning. Planning and management play an essential role in the smooth running of any organisation. Any organisation need planning and management for their stable running. Organization have them some objective for they can work and achieving these objectives, organisation require planning and management (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015). Organization planned some real task and mission, and completing this objective there is a need for proper management that will help to achieve these objectives. Without any adequate control, it is difficult to make your planned objectives, goals or task (Kerzner, Kerzner, 2017).In most of the time you planned objectives for the organisation, but it is difficult without planning you achieve these objectives. Because there is a difference between your goals and resources, meeting your purposes, it is that you correctly managed the funds that you have. If you cannot successfully handle the resources that you have, it is too complicated that achieve your objective within a particular resource (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015). Planning and management also play an essential role either when you are individual work are in a team or an organisation. The purpose of planning and management of resources cannot minimise.Accountability and responsibility in an organisation:The main difference is between accountability and responsibility is that, responsibility can share with other but liability cannot be shared with anyone. If you have a response from an organisation may it divide it with your subordinate to done this job, but you are accountable before the absolute authority that cannot be a divide. There is a very close relationship between accountability and responsibility in the appropriate use of resources (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015). It is the responsibility of planning and management committee to make such a policy that can help to achieve the objectives of the organisation but if there is in case that goals cannot be meet the only planning committee will be accountable before the higher authority (Baumann et al. 2016).Budgetary restriction in the current fiscal and political climateBudget plays an essential role in any public policy. When a government have resources, they make such systems that help public. When a government face shortage of finance they may cut the developmental budget to give primary needs and requirement of the public.Many factors can influence the decision-making process when you are managing healthcare funding; the health is an expenditure of the government and government cannot have any profit from his there are many factors they influence in decision making (Baumann et al. 2016). Lack of financial resources pushes the government to minimise the health funding. In many time government, more focus defence and other sectors and they reduce or cut the funds of health department (Correia, Dussault and Pontes, 2015).ConclusionPlanning and management of resources play an essential role in the smooth running of any organisation. When you planned some objectives or goals for that this organisation can take the next step that is required. Mostly you have limited resources and unlimited needs and requirements. You need a well-planned goal and the management of the funds. If you have a well-planned target but have not the management of resources, you cannot achieve the required objective. For attaining well-planned goals, you need control of the resources that you have. If you cannot properly manage the resources that you have, you can achieve many problems during the achievements of your objective.Planning and management of resources can play an essential role in hospitals. If you are not managed, the resources either human of financial resources of the hospital, you face many problems during the performance of your duties. When you cannot accurately plan and manage the resources you face a shortage of the fund, and you cannot achieve your objectives, and you cannot give patient-friendly environment in the hospital.ReferencesBaumann, A., Crea-Arsenio, M., Akhtar-Danesh, N., Fleming-Carroll, B., Hunsberger, M., Keatings, M., Elfassy, M.D. and Kratina, S., 2016. Strategic workforce planning for health human resources: a nursing case analysis. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 48(3-4), pp.93-99.Correia, T., Dussault, G. and Pontes, C., 2015. The impact of the financial crisis on human resources for health policies in three southern-Europe countries. Health Policy, 119(12), pp.1600-1605.Kerzner, H. and Kerzner, H.R., 2017. Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.

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