Possibility of Parallel Universes and Implications of their Existence

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:03
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Research IdeaThe notion of parallel universes, is now becoming highly regarded. This idea was once consigned to science fiction for at least, physicists, who have a tendency to take ideas to the borders of what is imaginable. There are nearly too many other prospective universes. According to physicists there are numerous possible forms of “multiverse” and each of them is made due to various aspect of the physics laws. However, the idea of a parallel universe is not new as explained by philosophers. Earth is not the center of the Universe as it was argued by a mid-century scientist named Copernicus. Many years later, countless stars were seen by Galileo’s telescope showing the glimpse of the enormity of the cosmos. An Italian philosopher, Giordano Bruno studied that the Universe might be infinite, having countless inhabited worlds. In 18th century, the idea of a universe having numerous solar systems became popular.Approach and Intellectual MeritThe Irish physicist named Edmund Fournier d’Albe in the beginning of 20th century, suggested that at different levels and scales, there can be a vast regression of “nested” universes. These were ever smaller and ever larger. This view presents an individual atom as a solar system that is inhabited and real. “Russian doll” multiverse, idea has been rejected by today’s scientists as they postulate many other forms and means in which multiverses might exist.Predominant view of the Big Bang suggests that the Universe started as an infinitesimally small point and it extended extremely fast in a super-heated fireball. Within no time, this expansion started and transiently speeded at a truly large rate. The rate was even faster than the speed of light and called “inflation” (Philip).According to the metaphysic approach, our apparent universe is simply a small part of a greater “multiverse”. Additional processes which are experimentally unsupported are complicated by the theory which hypothesizes and further explains the parallel universes which include ontological asymmetry, finite space and wave function collapse. Therefore, our aesthetic judgment plays its role to find either too many worlds or too many words. There are chances that we will slowly get more used to the many strange ways of our cosmos, and even find its oddity to be the fragment of its fascination.There is a plentiful future potential for testing which can rule out these multiverse theories. There are many types or levels of parallel universes which are expected in the future to be tested with the help of radically developed astrophysical measurements of the large-scale matter distribution and microwave contextual radiation. First level or type of the parallel universe is uncontroversial and is thought to be further tested by constraining the topology of space and topology of space. These measurements will test the level II with the help of rigorous tests for inflation (Max).Broader ImpactsThere is an idea according to which there is an entire observable universe farther away and matching to ours. However this notion can be false. Perhaps the Universe is not infinite and it is also possible that it is infinite and all the matter is concentrated in our corner of it. But the reason is unknown and there is no sign so far that’s t why matter gets scarcer the farther away we look. However recent developments in the field of physics suggest that there could be many other universes. All these universes have different laws and possibly different physical constants. This proposal explains the origin of our universe and why it is set for the development of life. But the idea is still unclear that assumptions about other universes which can never be visible is simply based on theories and whether these theories are testable or not (Bernard and George).ReferencesBernard, Carr and Ellis George. “Universe or multiverse?” Astronomy & Geophysics 49.2 (n.d.): 2.29–2.33. .Max, Tegmark. “Parallel Universes.” Ultimate Reality: From Quantum to Cosmos. Cambridge University Press, 2003. .Philip, Ball. “Why There might Be Many More Universes Besides Our Own.” 2016. .

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