Progressive Human Development

Published: 2021-07-06 06:52:53
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Human beings are always referred to as social being who depends on habit and character copy in their step by step developments in life. From the period of birth, there are stages that they undergo to fit into the society. The first stage of development is the preparatory stage; here the child tries to mimicking conduct without fundamentally understanding the meaning of the behavior. The second stage is the play stage; it is the phase where the youngster takes one role at a time, the only problem is that in this stage the child cannot differentiate between his/her position as a child and that of the one he/she is trying to imitate.The third stage is the game stage, which always comes after further social experiences, hence now the child can take a couple of roles concurrently in a single event since by these time the child understands things in many ways. After qualifying through all the first three stages, the fourth stage is where the child has acquired basic norms that can spearhead him through the society and he/she now can act as a responsible individual ready to fit into the community and interact freely with others.In summary, these stages are quite important however sometimes they can be faced with severe challenges during progressive development. Therefore for proper management of interactionism, it is always important to embrace self-communication, self-perception and self-control this will enable one to distinguish right from evil characters easily.It is through the development of a person that one becomes a member of the society and the process of becoming a member of a community does not depend on the blood relations, but instead, it depends on the social experience gained during development.

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