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Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:40
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The progressive movement is an association which was formed specifically to address the political and social ills in United States in the 19th century. The main participants of the campaign included the labor activists, social scientists, businessmen, minority groups and women who were active in female reform organizations. The objectives of the progressive movement were to respond to the loss of freedom in the American nation. The progressives aimed at addressing the women suffrage, rights of workers and corruption. The progressives agreed and sometimes disagreed on specific issues which affected the country. The paper discusses the particular areas where the historians disagreed in their journey of progressivism.When it comes to the matter of who should possess more power in the working environment, the progressives were in serious disagreements. An efficiency expert by the name Fredrick Taylor came up with a forged idea of scientific management. The concept required industrial workers to obey the orders given by their supervisors[1]. On the other hand, Louis Brandeis, a progressive expert, had a belief that industrial freedom could only be achieved by enabling the employees to govern themselves via labor unions instead of taking orders given by the experts. The idea Brandeis proposed emphasized on the “worker self-government” where the workers would be granted the freedom of choice concerning specific topics such as the working conditions and the establishment of wages. Brandeis also included managerial decisions in his vision which included factory relocation, distribution of profits and layoffs[2]. Finally, another difference which existed between the historians can undergo reconciliation in two schools of the progressivism thought. In the first scenario, some progressives believed the return to an agrarian community that consisted of a competitive market with a high population of small-scale producers would greatly assist in curing the society of the existing social ills. On the other hand, the historians thought that returning to such a community was impossible[3]. Such progressives had a view that there was the need to accept the existence of significant corporations but required the government of the day to be active in regulating the operations of such companies.In conclusion, the progressives disagreed on specific social and political issues which faced the Americans. For instance, they disagreed on the matter of who should have enormous power in the working environment. Some historians pushed for a move to return to an agrarian society with a competitive market and high population of small-scale producers. However, those who opposed the idea thought such a move was impossible. They valued the importance of large corporations and only called the government to regulate the operations of such firms.BibliographyBrinkley, Alan. American history: Connecting with the past. McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2012.

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