Qualitative Research Methods Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:15
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Qualitative research is generally considered as less credible or reliable as compared to quantitative research methodologies. However, critically analyzing the structure, mechanism and underlying characteristics of qualitative methodology, it can be observed that it is an appropriate choice for community and sociological research studies. In healthcare and nursing domain, the study problems that deal with community issues, social perceptions and demographical ideologies are best analyzed from qualitative perspective. This is because the quantitative study specifically relies on facts and figures. However, the community and social variables such as satisfaction, emotions, perceptions and cultural impacts cannot be statistically measured. Instead, they need to be measured in qualitative manner.Qualitative research methods do have control measures as well for the variables that are not statistically specific. For instance, the “Qualitative investigations of human experience typically report linguistic rather than exclusively numeric results, use empathy with participants as an observation strategy, interpret observations contextually and polydimensionally, accommodate nonlinear causal processes, and may seek to empower participants” (Stiles, 1993). Therefore, it can be stated that qualitative research is an appropriate methodology for community healthcare services and problems.Furthermore, Qualitative research alludes to a few strategies for data accumulation which incorporates center gatherings, field perceptions, top to bottom interview and research endeavor. In spite of the fact that there are considerable contrasts among these strategies. This system for research view conduct in its regular setting without falsely and helps the researcher to comprehend the profundity of sensation under scrutiny. Qualitative strategies are adaptable in nature and research may find actualities of subject that were not ever considered before the study start.Since the problem that was initially identified in Week 1 discussion was related to the community nursing and healthcare issue, qualitative measure will be the most appropriate and sufficient methodology for this research. This is because it will not only consider the qualitative variables but also help in understanding the empathetic role of healthcare practitioners on the selected population. Quantitative methodology, on the other hand, will not be able to measure emotional and empathy related variables for the research study.ReferencesNewman, Isadore. Qualitative-quantitative research methodology: Exploring the interactive continuum. SIU Press, 1998.Creswell, John W. Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage, 2013.Stiles, W. B. (1993). Quality control in qualitative research. Clinical psychology review, 13(6), 593-618.

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