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Published: 2021-07-06 23:10:41
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QUESTION 1Just like Deborah, one would be wary of any stranger who comes seeking information on their mother as the family’s trust had been betrayed before. Deborah’s reaction is justified as anyone would be if they had been exploited before especially if the perceived enemy deemed to be too powerful. Having been warned that the remains of her mother’s body may be exhumed and stolen justifies Deborah’s suspicion as it would make anyone else suspicious of the author and her intentions. The author furnishes Deborah with all the information she can be able to and get her to trust her. For this reason, Deborah has to trust the author and give her the befit of doubt and this is what anyone would do under the circumstances. The road trips and the computer connected to the internet would be welcomed by any individual just like Deborah who was keen to find more about their mother and get as much information as possible.Deborah’s initial reaction of shock and disbelief to the London cloning thing with her limited knowledge of science would have made anyone agitated and confused to react in a similar manner. Deborah is excited as they visit the research facility at John Hopkins but gets terrified not knowing what they would find out about her mother after all these years of misinformation. Deborah’s knowledge from her research improves the relationship between her and Langauer the researcher and she ends up being calm and pleased. Lengauer is apologetic for the mistreatment of the family by researchers and this makes Deborah have a sense of healing and peace begin.It’s disagreeable the way Deborah acts in a neurotic way after her mother had died a long time ago. She should have mourned her mother and moved on with her life but her psychological problems suggest that she took the issue of her mother’s cells too emotively. Use of drugs to pacify her and enable her to sleep seems too indulgent for her. She is an emotional wreck depending on Ambient something that should not have happened.QUESTION 2Crownsville makes one feel sad and disappointed as it was used simply as a dungeon where black insane people could be locked away and forgotten to vegetate and die secluded from the rest of humanity. It makes one think of the suffering and pain that Elsie and her companions must have gone through just because of their race and medical conditions. A feeling of revulsion and dread is emphasized by the way white scientific researchers used the patients in their research without guilt or compassion for fellow human beings. One is left wondering just how bad it must have been for those who had to endure brain experiments done using crude and harsh methods by inhuman scientists with no one to help them or care. Crownsville reminds us of the torture chambers of the Jewish holocaust under Nazi Germany although on a minuscule scale but just as grave.QUESTION 3Catharsis is an emotional release provided by any medium such as music or prayers which help alleviate stress. Since Deborah is emotionally disturbed after visiting the” home house” and her mother’s grave. Even the medication for her hives seems not to be working after all the stress she was under. When they get to her Auntie Gladys’s place and Gary sees her, he knows Deborah is not well and immediately starts preaching and praying to her when he fails to appease her. Catharsis is the correct term to use as Deborah seems to calm down under the embrace of Gary and his soulful prayers reach to her emotional recesses and calm her completely at that time. They go home with Deborah in a calm state that leaves the author wondering what it is she had witnessed as Deborah was prayed for by Gary.QUESTION 4Henrietta cells under researcher were obtained from cancer cells from her body. Although they continually divide, they cannot be said to be the resurrected Henrietta as Gary tries to make the author believe. Scientifically, these were just cells obtained from one part of Henrietta’s body and cannot constitute her spiritual being. Gary is selectively applying bible teaching to imply Hela Cells are the resurrected Henrietta which is not biblically true nor is there is there scientific evidence for his claim. Biblical examples of resurrection show people were resurrected with their whole bodies and had normal lives until they died again. Resurrection in Christianity is expected to be having a real life with God and not spending your life as cells in a laboratory. It is the scientific explanation of Henrietta’s cells immortality that makes sense where the DNA threads renew themselves continually though this does not happen on normal cells. Garry’s explanation contradicts the bible teachings of Christianity on resurrection and scientific evidence provided by scientific research.QUESTION 55 (a) John Hopkins should be made to pay for Henrietta cells since she was not informed of how they were to be used and there were no clear laws on informed consent at the time. Evidence shows that the research was deliberately targeted at poor black people and was exploitative in nature. They also kept the information of the research to themselves and even collected the blood samples of the family later still without informed consent. That is why Langauer the John Hopkins researcher apologizes to Deborah when they meet and such an apology should be accompanied by due recognition of the source of the cells and compensation for the wrongs done to the family in the course of research.5(b).The pharmaceutical companies should compensate the Lack family for the rights on the sale of the cells. Compensation for the cells which have been used in medical research with important discoveries in the making of vaccines, treatment of cancer and HIV & AIDS is in order. Many pharmaceutical companies have reaped huge profits from doing business with these cells. It is therefore justified for the recognition of Henrietta as the source and compensation to the family for the exploitation and psychological torture they have gone through from misinformation5(c) People should be allowed to sell their body parts so long as they are well compensated for these organs or body parts. It is wrong to stop people who are willing to help others whose lives are in danger or those willing to help in scientific research with some compensation for their unselfish sacrifice.5 (d) yes, the Lacks family should be proud of the contribution of their mother’s cells to science and they should be properly compensated for this with the fact that it’s now a multimillion-dollar industry. The unethical treatment of the family and the psychological torture due to misinformation alone form a basis for compensation. Even if there were no real grounds for compensation, social responsibility of John Hopkins and the pharmaceutical companies dictate they should recognize the family in some way. The author herself recognizes this and sets up a family fund from the sale of her book, a clear indication others involved should follow suit.

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