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Published: 2021-07-07 00:19:52
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The age of consent is a serious issue in all over the world. In the first world countries like Germany, Ireland, Canada, England, America and Australia there is a national age number to declare an individual to be independent and legally competent to consent to the sexual acts. After passing through the time from which an individual is allowed to get engage to the sexual activities, he is not restricted by the parents, government and other authorities. There are many mental health professionals as well as sociologists have discussed this issue in deep that the sexual desire should be fulfilled and should not be forced to stay without it. Every society have its own ways to discuss this point. Many areas of the world the age of consent is 14 and in some areas it is raised to 21. The age of consent in United States is 16 to 18. It varies from state to state. The main aim of the discussion is to provide an argument that should the age of consent be raised or not.In the United States, the cases of sexual assault on the young population is highly increased and it is now a serious problem that the age of consent should be increased or not. According to a number of international as well as national surveys, the age of consent doesn’t matter in the scenario of sexual assault. The target is not the children or the teenagers but also the adults. I would highly recommend to improve the law enforcements as they are performed in the United Kingdom as I have observed the way the authorities have adopted to overcome the safety issue of the underage individuals of the society. I would oppose with respect to the sexual assault that the raise of the age of consent would not be helpful to keep the children away from the situations which results in sexual abuse and volunteer involvement in the sexual activity.In a concept of hiding a positive top from a specific age group which is supposed to be encouraged from the illegal sources in any way would let me say that the age of consent should not be increased in any case. The teenagers have developed their sexual desires and the bodies towards the sexual activity which forces them to disobey the rules of the land about the age of consent. In a survey conducted by the CDC is that most of the population under the age of consent disobeys the rules intentionally with respect to the sexual activity and the sexual desires. The teenagers should be given exposure to this topic and should be allowed so that they would be able to decide about themselves on their own.The teenagers should be able to make their own life decisions but after a proper schooling and learning the life management skills. These skills comes after a certain period of time, almost at the end of the teenage period. The government should understand the concept in this way and should increase both the boys as well as the girl’s age of consent. This will help the teenage group to focus on their studies, social activities and other matters of life. The distraction of sex, pleasure and romance will not waste their time and emotions which are not even properly tutored and dressed.According to a lot number of people in the United States, who have faced the issues of early age pregnancies have developed a concept that the raise of age consent should be implemented in all over the world as the kids and pregnancies in a very young age is a serious problem for the entire future life. I would suggest that at least the age of consent of the girls should be raised so that they would be able to make their careers and get groomed without in any kind of involvements of sex.The young teens of the age of 16 to 18 are not physically as well as mentally prepared for the most serious matter of life which is sex and relationship. This age group is highly emotional and are unable to make proper and correct decisions of their life. Their choices are not always correct and the percentage of making wrong decisions because of lack of experience is possible. I would recommend the raise of age of consent. The children are not mentally prepared for becoming responsible of the pregnancy precautions against the pregnancies and the diseases like STDs.In a nutshell, I would suggest and finalize that the age of consent should be increased to at least 19 to 21. The government laws have a significant role for making the adults responsible of their teenage children. Bearing a child is a long, sensitive, painful and stressful process. The girls should avoid it before they are not properly groomed. An adult of 20 to 25 is able to take care of the unborn child in herself. Men should focus on their careers because after the age of 22 to 24 they would not be able to find enough time and money to complete their education and demands of market. That’s why it is suggested that the age of consent of male as well as female individuals should be raised so that they would be able to handle their life’s rather than engage in the serious mental and physical tragedies.Works CitedBerson, Ilene R., Michael J. Berson, and John M. Ferron. “Emerging risks of violence in the digital age: Lessons for educators from an online study of adolescent girls in the United States.” Journal of School Violence 1.2 (2002): 51-71.Garfinkle, Elizabeth. “Coming of age in America: The misapplication of sex-offender registration and community-notification laws to juveniles.” Cal. L. Rev. 91 (2003): 163.Cox, Robert W. “Social forces, states and world orders: beyond international relations theory.” Millennium 10.2 (1981): 126-155.Sutherland, Kate. “From jailbird to jailbait: Age of consent laws and the construction of teenage sexualities.” Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 9 (2002): 313.Forhan, Sara E., et al. “Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among female adolescents aged 14 to 19 in the United States.” Pediatrics 124.6 (2009): 1505-1512.

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