Reforms in the Health Care Sector

Published: 2021-07-07 00:22:41
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Actionable ResearchAn actionable research is a mixed-method type of research which is appropriate for emphasizing context. This type of approach is a guide to the researchers on the manner of integrating the local context into the research procedure. This integration will eventually lead to the researchers providing actionable recommendations. In addition, an actionable research applies a broader framework for the organization of context which serves as a technique through which the results of the study can be collected and integrated across the study (Pearce & Huang, 2012). Hence, actionable research provides steps for addressing the common challenges in the study. For this reason, an actionable research utilizes the mediator variable to explain the relation between a set of variables such as the dependent and the interdependent variables. Understanding the association between the dependent and the interdependent variables will require the researcher to define the extent to which a variable influences another variable.An article should be actionable and provide insights for organizational and managerial practice (Colquitt & George, 2011). Thus, (Obama, 2016) demonstrated its actionability by providing counterintuitive insights into the existing health care system and offering to provide reforms to the system through the Affordable care Act. The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a law, signed on March 23, 2010 and amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act and officially put into action on March 31, 2010. This law was enacted with the objective of ensuring that all Americans have the access to a health insurance which is affordable (Obama, 2016). The consumers of insurance are offered a discount as known as the tax credit based on the health insurance plan sponsored by the government and expansion of the Medicaid program to include more people who are not able to pay for health care.Methods used to Approach ACAAccording to (Xue & Hollier, 2016), the methods used to approach the ACA involved the federal provisions which were intended to expand the access of the consumers to insurance, to increase the customer protections, improve the performance and quality of the system, emphasize on wellness and prevention, expansion of the human resources in the health sector and limit the rising costs of health care.Expansion of the Access to Insurance CoverageThe ACA planned to expand the public and the private insurance to 32 million Americans who were uninsured by extending the health insurance coverage. This plan required employers to ensure that they cover their employees failure to which they will be penalized. The plan also aimed at providing tax credits to small business so as to cover their employees’ health insurance. Individuals are required to have insurance with exceptions such as religious beliefs and financial hardships (Obama, 2016). This is made easier by provision of Federal subsidies, insurance exchanges, expansion of Medicare, creation of high risk pool, allowing young adults to be covered by parent’s health insurance, community support and assistance services and consumer protection.Increasing the Consumer Insurance ProtectionThe enactment of various reforms on insurance had the objective of prohibiting monetary caps and limiting annual caps on insurance coverage (Obama, 2016). In addition, it aimed at prohibiting insurance plans from rejecting children with preexisting condition and rescission of coverage. Also, it aimed at establishing state reviews, the office of the ombudsman and the minimum medical loss ratios.Emphasize Wellness and PreventionThe ACA had provision which would ensure the prevention of illness such as establishment of the fund for public health and prevention, provision of grants to states for prevention initiatives, creation of a council for the nation prevention and promotion initiatives (Xue & Hollier, 2016). Besides, it required insurance plans to cover particular preventive care with no sharing of costs. Moreover, the provision aimed at increasing Medicare payments and establishment of Home visiting, tobacco smoking and restaurant guidelines initiatives.Improve the System Performance and the Quality of HealthThe ACA incorporated several provisions for the improvement of the performance of the system and quality such as comparative research, demonstration projects and projects to develop payment system which would improve efficiency (Obama, 2016). Besides, to ensure system performance and quality improvement the provisions aimed at investing in information technology, improvement of care coordination, health homes, data collection and reporting which would address disparities in the population.Promotion of the Development of the Health System EmployeesThe workforce issues were addressed by several provisions such as the increase in scholarship and loans to the health professions and reforms in the graduate medical educational training programs, advance primary care frameworks, increased funding for health centers and support for school-based and nurse managed clinics. Limiting the Rising Costs of Health CareThe ACA has key provisions for addressing the rise in the cost of health care including provision of controls for the practices and insurance premiums, emphasizing on the primary care, effective treatment and prevention and prevention of abuse and fraud in health care (Xue & Hollier, 2016). Also, the provisions aimed at reduction of the uncompensated care improvement of price transparency and competition and implementation of the payment reforms and using advanced models for delivery and payment in Medicare and MedicaidTherefore, the study covered all perspectives of the reforms in the healthcare system providing insights to help practitioners in the health care system to understand the realities in the system. The ACA can help in the reduction of health care costs, elimination of ineffective practices and determination of the patient’s outcomes.BibliographyColquitt, J. A. & George, G., 2011. Publishing in AMJ—Part 1: Topic Choice. The Academy of Management Journal, pp. 432-435.Kathryn Oliver, T. L. S. I., 2014. New directions in evidence-based policy research: a critical analysis of the literature. Health Res Policy Syst., p. 34.Obama, B., 2016. United States Health Care Reform Progress to Date and Next Steps. JAMA, pp. 525-532.Pearce, J. L. & Huang, L., 2012. Toward an Understanding of What Actionable Research Is. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 11(2), pp. 300-301.Xue, Y. & Hollier, L. H., 2016. Review of “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps” by Obama B in JAMA 316:525–532, 2016. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, pp. 2199-2200.

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