Reimagine Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Published: 2021-07-06 06:30:13
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Video AnalysisIn the modern and technological world today, trends are changing in the world markets rapidly due to the advancements and globalization. The technology not only revolutionized the world, but changed the picture of global world business markets. In the given video, the most popular business consultant Tom Peters expressed his ideas about the modern business world and discussed about the ways to survive in it. Peter focuses on the word Re-Imagine, in which he tells the audience about how the business world is working in the age of competition (Rio Interceptor, 2013). Innovation is the most important factor and in the business world, it is the most needed concern. Innovation is any advancement or any improvement in any certain thing, trend, or pattern. According to Peter, innovation rules and it is the most needed factor in the business world today. In the organizations managers needs to hire best and most competitive staff so that the work environment will boost up the chances of innovation. Innovation is the best and needed job. Managers need to develop and improve the work environment, encourage the employees and boost their motivation level. All these factors contribute in the work culture of the organization and help the employees to be creative and be innovative. The managers need to work on the job satisfaction level of its employees. Passion that came from job satisfaction and it will enhance the chances of innovation and it will lead to the production of simple and innovative systems for the consumers and for the world. The managers should work to create dynamic and innovative work environment for the employees, in which failure is not an option and employees have the chance to do their work again until they done it perfectly.ReferencesRio Interceptor. (2013). Tom Peters – Reimagine Business Excellence in A Disruptive Age. Retrieved from

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