Sections for Executive Branch Bureaucracies

Published: 2021-07-07 00:13:24
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In a government, bureaucracy refers to a body responsible for policy making administration. They are complex institution made to perform particular tasks. Keeping the discussion confined to the United States, the bureaucracy has a much higher level of autonomy as compared to other countries. The probable reason behind this is the amount of budget dedicated for this legislative body, According to 2015, the budget allocation for bureaucracy was $3.5 trillion. There are three sections for executive branch bureaucracies, and we would discuss each one of them.Cabinet Departments They are the most significant administrative units in the bureaucratic sections which are assigned the responsibility of large governmental operations. Some of the examples include foreign policy making carried out by Department of States, and enforcement of law carried out by Department of Justice in the US. Each department has a secretary appointed by the President. All the units that lie under the Cabinet are structured hierarchically and include various dimensions like offices, bureaus, and division, etc.Independent Agencies Independent agencies are either regulatory or executive. The independent executive agencies are appointed for more focused tasks, and the heads for each agency are appointed by the President. IA is responsible for providing particular services and information to the government. The examples of IA include CIA (management of intelligence for national interest), NASA (management and exploration of space), etc. On the other hand, independent regulatory agencies are bound to control the cost and benefits of industrialization, for example, FCC, FTC, etc.Government Corporations The agencies established by the federal government to manage private business enterprises are Government Corporations. The work to provide services for national interests and aim at generating maximum profit for self-sustainability of the US. GC works with the board of managers and directors. The examples include US Postal Service, Amtrak, etc.References:“The Bureaucracy: How is its structure?” The Bureaucracy: How is it structure? | United States Government, Structure of the Federal Bureaucracy,

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