Sources of Data and its Presentation using Appropriate Formats

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Business Problem:With the passage of time and keeping in view the present condition of the United Arab Emirates Banking condition, Standard Chartered bank an international bank is cutting its root from the country. However, the authorities are still trying for the condition to get better and looking for strategies that can establish their branch in the country.Brief description of the back selected:Standard Chartered bank is a British multinational financial bank. Headquarter of the company lies in London, England. More than 1200 outlets and branches of the bank are opened in the entire world. Asia Africa and Middle East are the main sources of profit for the company. London stock exchange has standard chartered bank in their primary listing. Started as a single bank by the Queen Victoria this bank worked hard and retained its position in these times. However, there were times when the company received criticism at higher level but somehow was able to retain its position back. In the present time, the company is closing its branch in the area of United Arab Emirates especially in Dubai because of the unbalanced banking condition of the country. There are some people in the authorities looking for some gestures for being in the country so that they don’t have to close their branch.Sources for primary and secondary data:Primary and secondary data hold a great importance in the research of the business problems. Primary data is basically raw data obtained directly from the first hand sources whereas secondary data is collected by someone else that is through books and journals. In order to find the primary data we have figured out two methods one is the observation method and the second is interview method. Observation method is more like scientific method including structure, participants and controlled conditions such as library. Interview method is about interviewing the workers in the organization. (Trenwith, 2018) The interviews can be structured and unstructured giving focused interview details. The use of the questionnaire in collection of primary data is the most common and authentic means. However, in order to collect the secondary data we will be consulting publications by the government and the research journals indicating the case study of the organization.Advantages associated with the sources:As far as the sources or primary data is concerned, interview method is good can give in depth information giving flexibility in the method as well.Observation method is good when natural instincts of the people (Babu Das Augustine, 2018) being interviewed is observed.No biasness is observed in the method of questionnaires.In collection of secondary data, there are lesser advantages. However, exact statistics can be obtained from the secondary data.Disadvantages associated with the sources:Interview method is an expensive method which may include the interviewer to be biased as well.Questionnaire is an unbiased method but there is low rate of return from it.Observation method is limited to the experience of the person.Plan for the collection of primary and secondary data:After analysing the methods, the best possible method for primary data are the use of questionnaire and interviews on small scale. Small scale interviews will cost less and give an opportunity for the interaction with the people of the organization. However, as far as the questionnaire is concerned these questionnaires will be distributed while taking the interviews so that authentic results can be obtained.Collection of required Data:In this case of Standard chartered, the primary data collection method that is the questionnaire will be focusing more on the banking issues the organization is facing. Besides, this the interview questions will be asking about the personal opinion. Secondary data will help in collecting the statistics most precisely the profit gained by the organization in the past working years so that sound basis for the reason of staying in the organization can be determined.Task 2This task will be analysing the situation given in scenario 1. A detailed analysis is presented below:Survey design for scenario 1:In establishing the survey design for the task, we will be first focusing on the main goal of the survey. The main goal of the survey will be to find out the customer satisfaction of the people utilising the services given by the organization. As seen from the stats mentioned, from the year 2015 to 2016 there was an increase in the market share by the organization however, the increase was insufficient as per the revenue invested by the organization in the start. In this case, questionnaires will be distributed among all the customers available in the bank. Besides this the leading customers will be interviewed personally in order to know about the situation of the organization. Focused interviews will be made with a detailed questionnaire. At the end the data will be analysed. This is how the survey is designed for the scenario 1.Different methods to collect data:Data included in the survey will be collected through interviews and questionnaires.Sampling methods:Simple random sampling Sampling size:A group of almost 50 individuals will be given the questionnaires to solve including both male and female. However, there will be top 25 individuals from the bank that will be interviewed personally. This procedure might take time since personal and focus interviews will be taken time to time depending on the availability of the person involved in the sample size. Reason for choosing sample size as both men and women is due to their difference in the opinion. There are situations where women and men don’t agree. Certain services given by the bank will be suitable for the men while certain will suitable for women. That is why a mixed sample size is selected.Analysis of the data of the survey:Data analysis will be done by making groups of men and women without being biased about the gender. They will be asked about the random questions related to the bank services. Their reactions will be collectively analysed with the help of percentages and recorded for analysing the customer satisfaction.Task 3:Business Problem:Scenario 1 as defined in the document.Target respondents:Top bank owners of the organizationQuestionnaire for scenario 1:QuestionsOptions1.     After looking at your long association with the bank, do you think the bank is able to gain your trust so far?a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None 2.     Do you think the staffs of the bank are able to implement their skills in a better way?a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None 3.     Are you satisfied with the organizations structure? a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None 4.     The branch staff have the required skills and knowledge about the bank’s products and services:a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None 5.     The staff of the branch is courteous and helping:a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None 6.     The staff of the branch is professional a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None7.     The staff is willing to solve your problems and listen them calmly a.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None8.     ATM services are gooda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None9.     Internet banking is up to datea.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None10.   market repute is gooda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None11.  All queries are answereda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None12.  Excellent mobile banking servicesa.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None13.  Pleasant atmosphere of all the branchesa.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None14.  Up to date technologya.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None15.  Technology problems are not encountereda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None16.  Sufficient information is provideda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None17.  Card are not blockeda.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None18.  Less waiting timea.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None19.   Maintained securitya.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     None20.  Good prompt servicea.      Agreeb.     Disagreec.      Slightly agreed.     NoneTask 4:Here is the representation of loans provided by different banks in 4 different regions and 3 different modes of finance during a time frame of 6 months.Analysis:We will analyse each region:First we take a look at Muscat. In the past 6 months a total of around 465 million (OMR) were loaned out from which around 125 million belonged to the mode Modaraba, around 190 to Murabaha and 140 to Mosharak. Murahaba took the lead in this region.Next is Dhofar, Here Mosharak is taking the lead with a total of around 160 million followed by Murabaha at 90 Million and then at third place we have Dhofar at 50 Million. Total is at 300 million.The third region we have is Sur, with a total of approximately 340 million, all the three modes of finance being offered don’t have significant differences.Lastly in Nizwa, Mosharak takes the lead by standing at 240 million alone and then murabaha and modaraba are at 110 and 125 million each. The total is roughly at 475 million.Conclusion:From the above analysis and graph it can concluded that Nizwa region takes the lead with a total of 475 million following by Muscat at 465 and then Sur and Dhofar at 340 and 160 respectively. Mosharak finance mode at 540 million of total is at the top.The above graph represents the data of Banks expenditure on promotions of various newly introduced Islamic modes of finances and in return the total profit generated in the last 12 months.Analysis:A general look at the graph makes it clear that over-all the banks have not gone in loss. For the first month the total expenditure on the promotion was 13 million and in return the profit was 38 million. For the entire year, total amount spent on promotions is 266 million and in return over the year a total of profits 680. The maximum profit earned was in the 8th month at a total of 75 million and the least was in the 4th month at a total of 40 million. Minimum amount spend was in first month of the year at 13 million and max was in 8th month at 32 million.Conclusion:From the analysis above we can conclude the banks have gained 2 times the amount they have spent on promotions as their profit on the various Islamic modes of finances.Task 6:Business presentation basing on scenario 2 and 3 has been attached.Task 7: Formal Business reportObjective of the research:The main objective of this research was to analyse the customer satisfaction so far. The bank showed a market share within the passage of one year. However, the market share of the bank was not in accordance to the expectations of the bank owners. For this the managers tried new techniques such as promotions. They believed that the promotions will be healthy for their bank. Thus, the research of both the scenarios have revealed that that customers are satisfied with the current working of the bank and the staff overall.Methodology used in the research:The major methodology used in the research was the distribution of questionnaires among the users of the bank. Every organization needs to know about the behaviour of the consumers. This mind set was applied in the research of scenario 2 and 3. Keeping in view the scenarios and the results of the questionnaires, recommendations were given to the organization for improving their market strategy.Main findings from the research:After a detailed analysis of the scenario 2 and 3, it was found that the overall working of the organization is in accordance to their market strategy that is the expectations of the marketing people have been achieved. There are stills some loop holes in the marketing for gaining the market share by the organization.Conclusion:To conclude, data analysis and findings from scenario 2 and 3 depict that the working of the bank under the loans and promotions will be better if the organization focus more on the marketing strategy.References: Babu Das Augustine, B. (2018). UAE banks likely to face challenges in asset growth and profitability. [online] GulfNews. Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2018]. (2018). Case Study // Standard Chartered Bank- Great Manager Programme Design ase Study // Standard Chartered Bank- Great Manager Programme Design. [online] Available at:  [Accessed 8 Feb. 2018].Trenwith, C. (2018). Why are some of the world’s biggest banks leaving the UAE?. [online] Available at:–582005.html [Accessed 8 Feb. 2018].: (2018). Survey Research Methodology in Management Information Systems: An Assessment. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2018].

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