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Executive summarySpree Watches Company develops and designs watches which are related to the current fashion in the market. This marketing plan demonstrates the marketing segment as well as the strategies of the company. Moreover, it shows the strategies in place that the company employs to get the clients and create the solid income stream. It is important to note that the company is not a merely watch company but it is unique and focus on the creation of watches considering the fashion which gives the company a twist advantage over the competitors. Moreover, the company gives the clients a new outlook of their desired watches which ensure the retention of the clients.The company is supposed to fund the development of the watches by offering the consulting services to create a similar watches which would be used by the clients to receive calls and messages also known as the smart watches. Furthermore, the consulting assignments would come from the advertising sponsorship relationships which the company is supposed to establish with the partners. Overall, within the initial three years of operation, the company expect consulting to constitute a huge portion of the needed revenue stream.SPREE WATCH COMPANYDescription of the CompanyAs the name advocates, Spree Watch was generated out of the passion, love, and dedication of the owner for the watches for the developing demand and fashions in the market. The goals and objective of the company is to offer the highest and quality services for the people who loves watches in Ghana. The firm’s initial investment is $40,000, with the annual target earnings equivalent to $ 50,000. Further, the organization will continuously innovate and adapt to the new demands from the customers in the area. Other than servicing the people within the area, Spree Watches has the intention of opening its branches to other cities and town to ensure that it widens the range of its clients, before venturing to other countries. As per now, the company will concentrate on the Spree Watches outlet as the platform where the residents can get the quality services the customer requirements. Moreover, the outlet will provide the maximum cost-effective ways in order to promote the products of the company as the customers get to try these services while still using and paying for the same. The Spree Watches Company will customize its services to meet all the interest and demands of the clients in the region. The targeted market of the company mostly includes the enthusiastic internet users who continuously utilize internet to communicate with friends and family.ObjectivesThe goals of the company within the first year of operations include;To sustain a 60% gross margin.To break-even within the fifth month of its operation.To merge the leading outlet for Watches in the region.MissionThe primary mission of the organization is to offer the greatest quality services in the unique as well as a conducive environment. Spree Watches Company aims to make sure that all the clients have a best quality watches.Guiding PrinciplesOne of the most principles that the company should sustain is being mindful of the customers and the employees on the company. By the societal values, the company is expected to treat both the workers and the clients in a manner that ensures customer loyalty and employees satisfaction. Further, the company will constantly show the feeling of gratitude for the employees and the customers because of their dedicated input, time and labor they put in place for the success of the Spree Watches Company. Overall, the Spree Watches Company will ensure that they offer the warm as well as friendly services which are expected from the Spree Watches Company, good customer and management relationship that will make the clients be satisfied with the services and make them loyal to the Spree Watches Company.Keys to SuccessThe primary success factor that the Spree Watches Company promotes is the repeat business. The company ensures that all the customers who come in to purchase the products are satisfied with the all the services. As a result, the clients will find it easier to return and buy from the company. Moreover, when the customers are satisfied with the services, they will use word of mouth to recommend the company to other people who will make the firm famous and is the vital strategy of marketing the services and products provided in the firm. The hiring of the right people with the right skills and experiences in dealing with the firm and managing the company as a whole is essential. Hence, with the right people in the management sector, customer relationship with the company will be enhanced. Moreover, employing the right individuals who know how to deal with the far products.The location of the Spree Watches Company is another key factor in success. Before setting the firm and the management company, the management should identify the main market, since, for the company to succeed, being closer to the market is the primary factor. Therefore, recognizing who the company’s customers are. Finally, the variety of products offered on the Spree Watches Company. People believe that it is easier to purchase all they require at a whole and not in small pieces. Thus, the Spree Watches Company with all the products that the customers require will naturally have a range of customers. Further, reasonable prices should be provided, not just the company concentrating on making a profit but also ensuring that the customers have the products at a reasonable price. Besides understanding the customers and analyzing their income strategy will help in formulating the prices for the products else, the Spree Watches Company will not have the number of clients as expected.Industry Analysis and TrendsThe analysis depicts that the company has over the years experienced a tremendous development specifically regarding the services provided by the Spree Watches Company in the region. Further, the demand from the clients concerning the products has increased with the clients learning the special products offered in the company. The latest research conducted in Ghana shows that there is an increase of 50% on the people living in Ghana have developed the growing trend of using the smart watches in the crowded places to receive calls and messages. As a result, there is a growing demand for people requiring quality smart watch hence making Spree Watches Company relevant in the market. The closest rival of Spree Watches Company is the Alpina Watches Company which has been growing in at a rate of 3% since the year 2014. However, the difference between the companies in the market presents a great potential available in the market.The current trend in Ghana indicates that the highest opportunity within the industry depends on the provision of specialty watches hence, explaining why the Spree Watches Company mainly focuses on the particular products. Within the area, 22% of the clients at the outlet are of the age between 18-24 years which is the prime age of fashions, 65% of these people have an income of $120,000 hence, doing the service at Spree Watches Company within reach. Moreover, the high demand for the services and products offered at Spree Watches Company makes it relevant and competitive in the market.Target MarketThe Spree Watches Company targets the unique and specific customers especially the professionals in the market. The organization appreciates the fact that over the year of establishment, the company has been able to realize most of the objectives and goals it had formulated. The most significant thing is that the individuals getting the services within Ghana are satisfied with both the products and employees relation. Further, Spree Watches Company has able to identify its primary target in the market, and this knowledge has been relevant in the strategy and development of the products obtained. As stated earlier, the central target market of the company mainly includes the professional who prefers the latest fashion in the industry.Moreover, the company targets the customers who have a great preference for an extra and specific feature within the industry. Therefore, the company has both the pre and postpaid services to facilitate the smooth operation of the company. On the other hand, Spree Watches Company believes its target market to broaden in the future as the clients are becoming more aware of the services and products via the internet and the company website. Further, the company ensures that they have an effective and sustainable relationship with their customers. As a result, communication has been a core ingredient in ensuring the success of the company. The organization has implemented websites pages and integrated the website with the communication system in the company to ensure that the company is continuously in touch with the clients. Also, the feedback that the company obtains are used in ensuring that all the concerns are addressed and that all the clients are satisfied with the products they offer. Moreover the company has implemented the house delivery. This ensure that the clients receive their products without much efforts.CompetitionA number of the leading players within the industry such as Alpina Watches Company poses the main competition in the market. For instance, the Alpina Watches Company operates within more than 7000 locations in Ghana. In this industry, the competition is as a result of the client’s preferences, tastes, and income. Therefore, the company will strive to produce the best products to ensure that the company remains relevant and achieving the sustainable competitive edge. It is more important to note that, the profitability of the companies in this industry rely on their ability to provide the high-quality products, secure a prime location to set their company as well as drive store traffic.Large companies have the benefit of the small organizations especially those that are start-up such as Spree Watches Company since having adequate sources of funds to market and finance their processes. Consequently, Spree Watches Company will have to compete effectively through offering specialized services, pursuing the native market, plus providing the memorable client’s experience. This industry over the year has been increasing in Ghana with the increase of the professionals and with the development of new fashions in the market. Thus, the leading organizations in this industry generate above 80% of the total summation of their sales in the market.Therefore, Spree Watches Company anticipates gaining profit from the industry because of the numerous factors. In the beginning, the company has witnessed a continuous growth in the disposable profits as well as client confidence within the economy of the country. Presently, the consumers are ready to spend more cash in the shop to attain the best products from the company. Despite the developing demands, the company expects an intense competition is anticipated in the industry because of the developing number of the players pursuing to benefit from the growth in the size of the market available. Therefore, Spree Watches Company will make sure that it avails innovative services that are exceptionally priced. Besides, the organization will have the variety of services and products satisfying the requirements of the health-conscious items. Though, Spree Watches Company firm still expects the tough competition from the industry heavyweights like Alpina Watches Company that have the market presence within the region.Strategic Position and Risk AssessmentThe Spree Watches Company will apply an approach of the total market service that entails the provision of the unique services and products attracting the complete spectrum in the industry as well as providing the conducive environment for all the customers. Further, the firm aims to provide a memorable experience not just selling their product. Also, the firm intends to be part and parcel of the community of their clients. This strategy, therefore, presumes that every person is a potential customer and ensures that the market experience a tremendous development in future. Also, it suggests that the best method to drive sales is by selling to the soft needs of the clients.Corporate StrategyThe company uses the competitive pricing in that the company sets the prices relevant to that of the rival companies, to make sure that it sustains the high profitability degree for the sustainability and development. Nevertheless, with the aim of distinguishing itself from the other competing companies, the Spree Watches Company will have specific promotions and discounts that are unique to ensure the loyalty of the customers. Moreover, it will engage in website and television advertisement of all the services and products that they provide to increase the awareness of the company.Distribution ChannelsThe company will market its products through franchising in which the company will work with some other watch outlets in the region. Under the agreement, the outlets will submit an approximate of 20% of the sales benefits annually that will, therefore, sum up to the company’s 40% of the expected gross annual income. Further, the Spree Watches Company firm will promote its products through online platforms and advertisement to reach multiple customers in the region specifically the high-class individuals within the community. The firm has entered into an annual program to ensure that their products are constantly advertised in the televisions and websites to promote awareness of the products and services the company produces.Spree Watches Company will sell its products via the online platforms such as facebook and twitter, which is expected to raise the sales of the company by 30%. Thus, through the website of the company and the social media, the clients will place their orders for these services to be delivered at their places of residences. Furthermore, Spree Watches Company will partner with other distributors who operate in the area to make it possible for the sales and targeted income. Hence, the clients will have the appropriate opportunity to order from their cell phone and book for the services they require at a particular time. The sales approaches are expected to increase the sales of the organization because of the timely delivery of the products which will, in turn, boost the satisfaction of the clients.Risk AnalysisThere are some risks that the company has to take into consideration to succeed and to be profitable. The Spree Watches Company faces the risk of the government of Ghana imposing certain restrictions which require complying with such as specific production standards which may, in turn, increase the product cost. This may affect the price and the profitability of the company.Marketing StrategyThe Spree Watches Company has a diffident marketing budget. Consequently, the firm applies the innovative strategy in order to reach the market that the company targets. Moreover, the aim of the company is to spend no more than $500 in the sector of marketing a month.Ethics and Social Responsibility PlanBy definition, business ethics is the moral recommendation which the organization ought to follow while conducting its activities. Normally, these ethics are based on the notions of the right, wrong or considered fair, and it concerns the suppliers, employees, customers and the stakeholders in the business. Therefore, it is imperative for the Spree Watches Company to conduct all the business operations ethically to pass their beliefs, morals and values down to the customers and workers. Similarly, the social responsibility is equally vital in the business ethics since it regards caring for the organization’s employees, being responsible socially and environmentally, as well as ensuring that they give back to the society.Creating jobsThe main social responsibility of the company is to create job opportunity just like any other company within the region. All the societies hope that when an organization is established, it will be capable of generating jobs for all the local people living in the area. Therefore, Spree Watches Company as any other company creates jobs for both the young and old individuals in the region where the outlet is established. Further, the department of human resource is committed to the honest as well as fair of the workers. Moreover, the human resource sector encourages for the employees to be treated with a lot of respect, honesty, and fairness while at the workplace. Preferences of the employees and customers with the management and fellow customers are discouraged as it discourages the workers who are working hard, also may create an issue in the workplace. For the employees to feel appreciated for all the work they do, then they should be treated with both honesty and fairness in the company.Also, hiring the right employees and being fail while hiring is an issue to be considered. The Spree Watches Company is always ethical when hiring its employees and while dealing with both customer and workers within the company. At the time of hiring, all the individual that have applied for the work are given a fair and equal opportunity to join the workforce of the company. Moreover, the organization encourages all the candidates applying for a position in the firm from all diversity of people, and all are treated without discrimination at the time of hiring. Since having a varied workforce will make the company provide opportunities to all the people who feel disfranchised.Also, Spree Watches Company will over the years embark on the partnerships with the local facilities like a football team or a movie publisher to provide both part-time as well as full-time partners the chance to assess their services however the time limits. Thus, this will assist in empowering people who are employed in Spree Watches Company as in the course of interaction with the customers; they will be able to advance their careers and get promotions in case of excellent work done in the company. Also, the workers in the company will be able to learn new tricks of the business through the program.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsOne of the strengths of the company is its location. The firm is located in an easy access area. Also, the company has generated billboards that points to the direction where the firm is located in case a client did not get the direction guide on the website. Moreover, the Spree Watches Company has come up with the exceptional employees with the right attitude for business. The company always retains its workers through the best salary compared to other Spree Watches Company, work satisfaction and the best flexible working hours on the Spree Watches Company. As a result, the workers are at their best all the time and in doing their jobs. Due to the fact that the owners are agricultural and management expats and with their experiences, the Spree Watches Company enjoys the already established a client market as well as approved vendors for the company. The other strength that the firm has is the size of the Spree Watches Company. Because of the size of the Spree Watches Company, it is easy to manage and to ensure that it produces the exceptional quality through the hand selection of the market specials compared to the large Spree Watches Company competitors. This makes sure that the Spree Watches Company has the best employees who strive to provide unsurpassed services.WeaknessesThe main challenging the Spree Watches Company faces is recruiting as well as training the quality employees required in the industry. It is costly to support the constant training of employees on the Spree Watches Company. This somehow pulls the Spree Watches Company to the ground however much it tries. Since the Spree Watches Company is still at the stage of developing, it is hard though necessary for the Spree Watches Company to constantly train the employees on the new market trend in order for the Spree Watches Company to remain relevant in the market.OpportunitiesThe first opportunity that the Spree Watches Company has is the little barriers. It is important to note that, the little barriers to the entry, permits for the instant business opportunities. The company explores markets in Ghana.ThreatsThe main threat the company faces is the government of Ghana mandates. These mandates include the protection of employees, safety as well as sanitation. Therefore, these will make the company spend more in ensuring that all the facilities required in the Spree Watches Company and are operational. Further, if the Spree Watches Company does not run as the owners anticipate, they risk losing the capital funds they had put in to start up the business. Moreover, after the startup, there might be a problem of increased operational cost within turn will paralyze the effective running of the company.Consumers are the foundation of a successful organization. Therefore, it is important for the management to work towards achieving customer satisfaction. The reason being the firm will be able to gain consumer loyalty and hence high sales volumes. However, it is imperative for the firm to place customers at the center of its objectives and strategy to realize productivity and profitability. The company should put in place better business and marketing strategy to achieve maximum profit annually. Overall, the firm should have a well-planned scheme that will enhance market share and leadership, consumer satisfaction and retention and organizational profitability.Success of an organization relies on the state of the economy, especially in their unique field. Thus, market environment comprises of many economic and human factors. The choice individual makes before buying a product influences them to buy such products. Hence, it is important to understand and identify human factor so that the firms may put in place strategies that will be productive and profitable. Consumer choice implies the customer has full and transitive preferences and choose the products they want. In this sense, the spree watch marketing department have interest in getting insights into how consumers make economic decisions. Additionally, consumer’s choice influences the economic prosperity of a firm. Thus important for any company to conduct better market research. This will able they get consumers insight and aim to provide for their needs. The asymmetric information provides evidence that a company experiences some challenges in the market.Products The Spree watch firm ensure that they offer quality products and service to their consumers. As a result they have been able to retain their consumers. Moreover, this firm offer benefits and service delivery which is a method they use to keep their potential consumers.SegmentationThe firm will use differentiation strategy to compete other firms such as conventional firms that offers quality watches. Through adequate and effective market segmentation, this firm will offer their services to service the people of Ghana. Thus market segmentation have enabled them attar and retain customers. As a result they have achieved profitability band productivity in the sector.Market concept consumerThe market consumers are the most important people in any business. The spree watch value their costumers since it the only avenue the business can thrive. Also, the firm has offred better services such as free delivery of products. Also, customers are given better services and products which have ensured their consumer loyalty and retention.Motivation of employeesMotivation is another factor that drives the consumer in deciding on what products to purchase or not. Motivation comes from within and it influences greatly the psychology of consumers on what products to purchase. Each brand has the motivational factor that influences the consumers to like it. Some brands are deemed to be durable and not expensive. This factor can motivate the consumer to go for this brand. Some, on the other hand, are expensive and less durable. This takes away the motivation of the consumers to purchase the brand. Therefore if the consumers are motivated by a particular brand, they would look for it and purchase it. But when they are not motivated by that brand, they would not choose to purchase it even if you place the product in the consumers’ evoked set. Many consumers classify brands based on their need for use and their prices. Some brands are needed for consumption, construction among other needs. Therefore if the consumers were planning to buy the brand for consumption for dinner, the consumer would not buy the products for lunch that time however much it falls within their evoked set. This is because the time in which the product is needed varies. Therefore the consumers will only go for the products according to the classification of their needs.Getting consumer insight Besides, the financial status of the consumer determines what they buy. Some brands are expensive and that they fall out of the consumer’s choice. The consumers have set of mind on a particular amount of money to be used in purchasing some products. If such products still go at higher prices than the consumers would not consider buying them even if they are placed within the consumer’s evoked set. Consumer’s financial status is vital in deciding on what to buy, and it influences a lot in their buying processes. If the products still seem to be stagnated in their high prices, then the consumers would not choose between purchasing them. Finally, prior experience may influence the consumers buying decisions. For instance, if such products gave a bad experience to the consumers, they do not consider buying it however much it is within the consumers evoked set.One of the strategies that the marketers can use if by finding the consumers insights which are vital in building a good relationship with them. Finding consumers insights also helps in finding consumers’ needs, wishes likes and dislikes to solve them. This would change the perception of the consumer and their evoked set. The marketers should produce quality and less expensive products to attract the consumers so that they can establish their brand. While marketing these brands, they should use convincing languages and pictures illustrating why that brand is better than others. Any company that wishes to market their brands should work out efficient strategic measures to win the heart of consumers. There are consumers who have evoked consumer sets. Such consumers have their reason why they do not wish to purchase a particular product. Finding consumers insight before marketing is important because it helps in the satisfaction of the consumers.Most thriving firms evolve with the demand of their consumers. Customers from the major center of any business. Without customers, there is no successful business. It is for this reason recognizing and making one’s customer comfortable is the objective of most organizations. Companies such as Apple appreciate its customers using various ways. One of the ways that Apple Company uses to get to customer’s country is by identifying customers’ insight and tastes. The company has also opened up stores in several countries so that the consumer can readily get the products they want available. In addition to the products that the business sells, the stores sell other related products such as digital cameras, software titles, and camcorders. Some companies take pride in forming and building attracting and pleasing experience with its consumers with products which are stylish. Recently, the company released new products less expensive.The company is trying to capture the most market share among its customers substantially. Spree Watches will be committed to introducing better personal computing services to its customers by producing innovative hardware and software as well as internet offerings. The company rolls programs that are service based on the comments, complaints band questions they get from customers. The structure of the industry within its external factors and attractiveness is purely based on the purpose of consumer’s satisfaction as well and familiar customer elements of the business. Additionally, the corporation’s various related software, peripherals, networking solutions, services as well as digital applications and content. Overall, the business atmosphere has become extremely competitive and hence it is crucial for any company gaining the entry to the market to develop and implement a strategic plan on the market especially concerning customer needs. By definition, the price elasticity of demand can be described as a measure of the association between a transformation in quantity needed for certain products and an adjustment in its price. Therefore, effective company’s cooperation produces new goods and a steady supply of their products. The products are less expensive as well as customer friendly. Factors that influence productivity Growth can be said to be the appropriate internal progress of a business. Notably, active firms Company has made tremendous steps in trying various strategies to enter new. Also, the company should ensure job satisfaction to its employees.Financial analysisFinancial SummaryThe Spree Watches Company is seeking a loan of the amount $10,000 plus the $15,000 being invested by owners of the business.The table below gives a summary of the main facets of the projected organization performance. 20172018Sales Revenue$200,000$250,000The Gross Profit$170,000$220,000Pre-tax Profit$200,000$250,000The Operating Cash Flow$1500,000$200,000Debt Service$10,000$10,000Debt Service Coverage$10,000$10,000The highlights of the financial forecasts are provided in the table below;Summary of the cash flow and balances 20172018The Collections from Sales$180,000$220,000 Payments for Spree Watches Company$20,000$30,000Overhead Expenditure$40,000$40,000Debit Service$10,000$10,000 Net Operating Cash Flow$200,000$250,000Memo: Net Pre-Debt Cash Flow$200,000$250,000 starting Cash Balance$310,000$450,000 Net Cash Flow$200,000$250,000Capital AdditionsTBDTBDLoan IncomesN/AN/ACapital ProcurementsTBDTBDOther Draws Closing Cash Balance$170,000$220,000OVERHEAD EXPENSES PER YEAR 20172018Overall Payroll$130,000$190,000Facilities, Rent and Fees$5,000$5,000Other relevant Utilities$2,000$2,000Insurance coverage$10,000$10,000Advertisement and Promotions$1,000$1,000Purchase of equipment$10,000$10,000Maintenance and Repairs$2,000$2,000Taxes from properties$2,000$2,000Workplace Supplies$500$500Mobile Phones$200$200Internet connectivity$100$100Licenses coverage plus charges$5,000$5,000Emergencies/ suplimentaries$4,000$4,000Total expenditure $170,000$220,000ConclusionThe companies which have businesses in various communities must be involved with the social responsibilities which are as a result of doing the firms in the society. Therefore, the companies must exercise being good cooperate, citizens, thus, Spree Watches Company is no exception. This will assist the organization to relate well with the employees, stakeholders as well as their clients to provide quality services and products and help for the betterment of the community. Moreover, consumer’s choice influences the economic prosperity of a firm. In this sense, the upward slope informs the company that the products they sell are perfuming well in the market demand regardless of the cost of the product they are selling. Additionally, the higher wage for consumers implies they can afford higher luxury quantity. These types of goods determine how customers make their choices. Also, with the higher rate of interest for customers, there is a possibility that they can save a lot because they are likely to get high in return. Finally, it is essential for a business owner to identify a target market and consumers. By doing this, the business owner will be able to provide efficient products and services to the designated target consumers. Overall, marketing has become an essential component in organizations to achieve the competitive advantage as well as taking market leadership.APPENDICESFINANCIAL PROJECTIONSUses and Sources of Finance for the Spree Watches CompanyIncome Statement2017: $90,000Jan – $1000Feb – $1000Mar – $5000Apr – $10000May -$20000Jun – $15000Jul – $7000Aug – $2000Sep – $4000Oct – $7000Nov – $13000Dec – $50002018: $120,000Jan – $1000Feb – $1000Mar – $5000Apr – $14000May -$30000Jun – $15000Jul – $7000Aug – $2000Sep – $4000Oct – $16000Nov – $20000Dec – $5000Cash Budget for the Spree Watches Company2017: $250,000Jan – $20000Feb – $20000Mar – $20000Apr – $20000May -$20000Jun – $20000Jul – $20000Aug – $20000Sep – $20000Oct – $20000Nov – $20000Dec – $200002018: $300,000Jan – $25000Feb – $25000Mar – $25000Apr – $25000May -$25000Jun – $25000Jul – $25000Aug – $25000Sep – $25000Oct – $25000Nov – $25000Dec – $25000

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