Stereotypes in Music, Is It an Issue or Not?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:16
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Music has become the marker of general identity in Europe, especially in nineteenth‐century. The music art system in the Western world contains lots of tonal structures that are comprehensively understandable, but some rhythms and musical idioms are there that are linked with national styles. These styles are helpful to represent the nation of the specific group of the nation, and this is the reason why these styles are originated. So it can say that Stereotype is not an issue in music because it can be representative of the region and through music the group can be described.There is the base of stereotype, and that is the related to reality. Though the degree may change depending on what kind of thing is being stereotyped, here is permanently at least a kernel of truth. The truth depends on the thing which is being stereotyped. There are lots of references for data today, and same is in case of music too. There are sufficient orientations present in lyrics to assist the individuals through which they can understand what kind of music is this. In case of music gauge is at the preference that provides the reference for music, and now stereotype is also there as a reference for understanding.It is also helpful to know what kind of style is prominent in society and what kind of music is in demand in public. So stereotype is not an issue. Lots of musical concerts are happing in the world, and people are using different stereotypes to represent their interest and style. It can sue as the national mark to describe the community and style of society. Some people like it and some don’t, and it is the name of music. It depends on the choice of person (Lajosi).ReferencesLajosi, Krisztina. “National stereotypes and music.” Wiley Online Library (2014): 628-645.

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