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Published: 2021-07-06 23:14:59
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IntroductionCan a single person run an organization? Is it possible for an industry to operate by just one person? Of course not. Teamwork is necessary to achieve goals. The common saying that 1 and 1 make eleven, points towards the importance of team making to achieve a bigger goal. There are tasks that cannot be done by a single person no matter how dedicated or efficient he may be. Teamwork creates opportunities of progress and gives rise to a bundle of knowledge, ideas, and expertise when a team works together, and the tasks fail when there is miscommunication present within the team or people are not loyal to each other. Teamwork is not just people on a team working together, but a team who supports, trusts, and helps each other.DiscussionHaving a supportive teammate will boost our confidence. Working together with each other a team gets an idea of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Once the team identifies its motivators and leaders, their confidence boosts as they develop trust in each other’s capabilities. In a football team for example, if a coach motivates and acts like a supportive teammate, the whole team develops trust on him and will perform better because of the friendly environment and motivation he brings in the team.When we trust each other, we can easily reach our goal. Goal and trust are closely related. If a team trusts on each other’s capabilities their mutual performance is increased as they develop the belief that everyone will do their part actively. If a boss in a company trusts on his employees, the employees believe that their boss has accepted our capabilities and their self-confidence increases. A confident employee then performs best and in turn participates his best in achieving the goal. To increase the trust level in the team every teammate has to take some steps.Leading by example is the key to building trust. When fellow teammates see a live example and dedication of a person they are encouraged to do their best on their part too. The second important thing in earning trust is the communication. Every team member should listen to their teammate’s opinions, respect their beliefs and concepts, and should be open to suggestions as without these behavior teammates lose interest in working for a goal and their motivation to work together.Helping one another can perform better if the team helps each other. This point is the key to collaborative work as the whole structure of a team is based on helping each other. Helping each other in their works have many positive impacts on the team, it can increase their trust level, their confidence and respect for each other and the trust on team capabilities as if everyone performs their best to achieve a common goal, the team actually performs well. This point can also be used if two or more teams work together to achieve a common goal. In an industry where their various departments, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, quality assurance and logistics if everyone helps each other in achieving the common goal that is a quality product the end goal of the whole industry will be achieved.ConclusionIn short, to achieve a common goal, team building is an important and more important thing is to sustain the team by everyone’s individual participation. The teammates have to be supportive, trusting and helping to each other. Supporting each other increases respect and motivates people, having trust upon each other encourages teammates to work with dedication and helping each other within a team increases respect and clears the way for any team to achieve its common goal.

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