TED TALK by Joshua Foer

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:59
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DiscussionJoshua Foer is a journalist for the New York Times. He explains in his TED talk about the feats of memory and how all the brains are similar but different in use. Joshua started his TED talk with requesting his audience to close their eyes and visualize a scene he is telling. After explaining his dramatic scene, he asked the audience to now open their eyes and listen to his opinion about working of memory and about the people who are claimed as having the brilliant memory.Joshua illustrated that there’s nothing like a ‘brilliant, God-gifted and extra-ordinary memory’. It’s merely our perception because we don’t take things as those minds do. He once went to a memory competition to cover the event as a journalist where he asked a competitor that how do you do it? And the reply was amazing. He replied that we just used the old techniques to remember the things, the old Greeks and Cicero used to memorize their speeches and the same techniques scholars used to memorize the books. It’s not the competitors that are extraordinary but the techniques that are good and anyone can do it.Foer then continued his talk that he started to experiment this way. He got that he can also do this, i.e. to memorize the numbers, phone number books, etc. He then covered the next few competitions as well. He practiced this memory thing various times. And one day, he entered the competition and surprisingly, to his utmost surprise and shock: he won it. Foer illustrated that memorizing things is not a tough job, you just have to follow a technique and that is VISUALIZING the scenes and things, make images in your mind. He gave an example by telling a story and then he compared that if I ask you to repeat the scene I started with closing your eyes and imagining; you’ll remember it. But, you’ll unable to repeat this story accurately that I just told you. This is because you just listened to it not imagined it.In my opinion, Foer is right in his evidence and proves and that memorizing is not impossible for anyone if they do it accurately and attentively. The only thing that is much required is attention and will to do it. And of course, practice makes a man perfect.Replies to the fellowsReply 1Very truly said! Memory practices and making ourselves perfect in this particular field is in our hand. No one is born especially with this quality of instantly picking things and getting saved in their memory; it takes focus and concentration to do it, that’s why that research which Foer mentions, say that we all have similar brains, we just have to use those areas which the competitors were using at the time.Reply 2Yes, it was a very constructive video indeed! It makes many of the people realize that ‘yes we can do it too’. It gives a passion to the people about the idea that memorizing things is possible for us as well. We just need to imagine the things, picturize the content and feel the way in which things are happening. This technique is used by many in past and many in present and people know them having ‘extraordinary brains’, but it is not like that. They have similar brains like us, but the usage is extraordinary.ReferencesRetrieved from < https://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_foer_feats_of_memory_anyone_can_do#t-960442>

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