Testing Procedure before Recruiting New Employees

Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:17
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Testing In RecruitmentMany companies have adopted the need for testing before recruiting new employees into their countries. According to Whetzel and McDaniel (2009) the testing process helps the employer who is most appropriate for the job vacancy. Some of the types of testing include psychological, integrity, drug testing, personality, and aptitude.Pros of Psychological Testing.Lowers the risk of the company being sued for hiring mentally unstable employees.Reduce cases of problem employeesDetermine the person’s abilities to work under immense pressures.ConsPsychological tests are not always reliable and may reduce potential employee’s chances.Pros of personality testHelps increase the spirit of teamwork in the companyEmployees with positive personalities always attract more customers.ConsMay create the wrong impression of the employee.Misjudgment amongst the recruits.Pros of aptitude testHelps in determining the thinking capacity of the employeeConsSome recruits may cheat in the analyses.It may not reflect the real potential of the recruits.Pros of drug testingCreates a conducive environment for both employees and employers.Reduce accidents in the companiesIncreased productivityCons Cause hiring of underqualified employees.As the tests are the same for all the applicants, it is easier to choose the most qualified of them after all the tests are conducted in a very fair manner.Test for drugs is not an invasion of privacy at all when it comes to hiring. It is essential as some employees may not be able to work well in drug influenced environments.The importance of the cross-department team in an organization is very essential, and all employees should be encouraged into it by those against it to talk more on what they feel and showing them the impact it’s had on other companies Boyatzis (1982).The core importance of establishing the authority of a team helps things flow smoothly s there is a person who is responsible and can answerable to all decisions pertaining the project.To manage a business running in different countries with the language barrier, it is easier to conduct surveys on the language most people use and hiring interpreters is also good Cooke-Davies (2002). The use of technology to has made things easier by creating a common ground where all the members of the team can understand each other.ReferencesBoyatzis, R. (1982). The competent manager: A model for effective performance. New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc.Cooke-Davies, T. (2002). The “Real” Success Factors on Projects. International Journal of Project Management.Whetzel, D., & McDaniel, A. (2009). Situational judgment tests.

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