The Benefits of Cell Phones

Published: 2021-07-06 06:30:07
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In the modern world today, the numerous technological advancements are leading the world into a new place where almost every human being is linked with technology. In these technical advancements, usage of a cell phone is the best and most notable example. The cell phones are a device which connects one person to another, and it does not matter how much distance the two persons have with each other.Now, the cell phones are becoming an important part of individual’s life where it’s unavailability causes disturbance and tension. Mostly teens and adults around the world are the users of cell phones, and most of them spend their most time using it. It is true that it is an excellent and extraordinary technology to reduce the distances between the people but now it’s more usage and spending a huge time on it is creating gaps between people especially the surrounding relationships of an individual. People are even using it during meals, during lectures, during job and during important conversations with the close relationships. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of a cell phone during the different situations will analyze and assess. Despite bearing some significant advantages of mobile phones, the disadvantages are more clear especially its usage during meals, classes, conversations with parents and siblings, and during the job.Cell phones are creating the lives easier for the people. It is now an important way to connect with anyone around the world from anywhere at any time. It reduced the distances between people, and now it does not matter from which place a person belongs to, anyone can connect or communicate with him from anywhere in the world. With the passage of time, its usage is increasing and spreading widely around the globe. People use it to connect and communicate with their relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, siblings, and parents. It makes it easier for the people to share information with other or communicate with other in case of emergency situation. Sharing information, finding friends and love through the usage of cell phones is now so easy and affordable. Teens and adults around the world are using cell phones mostly to connect with their loved ones or their friends. Now it is so easy and simple to make friends due to the cell phones, and anyone can talk anytime with any person he wants to talk with.The lives of people are becoming dependent on the cell phones. The usage of cell phones is increasingly spreading, and people are now fully dependent on their cell phones. The teens can use a cell phone and communicate with another person face to face at the same time, and they are considering it a talent. Their attention is now split, like one time they are using a cell phone and at the same time, they are communicating with other people. It is very common that teens in the schools use cell phones and not get caught because they are talented enough to use it and hide it at the same time. A study was conducted in 2015 by the Pew Research Center on the usage of cell phones. Its results showed that more than 80 percent people used their phones when they attended a social gathering lastly while more than 80 adults showed that they feel that they are spending huge time on their cell phones and it is hurting their conversations and communications with other people.It shows that people now realize that their conversation could hurt when they use a cell phone during the discussion. It is happening due to the more dependency on the cell phones. Many studies and surveys estimated that an individual is not able to pay full attention to a conversation while using the cell phone. Like if a conversation on a meal is going on, and between that, an individual is checking the cell phone on and off then he/she will never be able to give complete attention to that conversation or could never take part in it as it is expected from him/her.Cell phones are making lives easier for the people, and it is now trouble-free to get any information at any time. The cell phones are not only reducing the distances between people but also its advantages include the sharing of information and learning resources. Now it is simple and effortless to find required information and share it with anyone. This an amazing benefit of a cell phone which is positively impacting the students around the world. Mostly students and employed individuals are the ones who use cell phones to find information and knowledge. So, many people use the cell phones during lectures or classes to find important information or to search information which is tricky or hard to understand. Likewise, many people are adults use cell phones during meal times to escape from the conversation which is not pleasant for them. Moreover, people use cell phones on the job or duty to find some important information or to get knowledge on a specific thing or to get online training to improve skills and expertise.Many teens and adults complain that their attention is diverted during a conversation if they use the cell phones or other people uses cell phones during a conversation with them. It is observed and examined that many children and teens complain that their parents are not giving them attention and gives more attention to their cell phones. This could lead to dissatisfaction of the children and could weaken their relationship with their parents. Children and teens are the ones who need the attention and concentration of their parents most. But if they are not getting it appropriately then the distances could occur between them and their parents. It is worth mentioning that if the teens use the cell phone during the meals and meaningful conversations, then their parents could dissatisfy from them or might lessen their talk with them due to their inattentiveness. A study was conducted by gathering the results to more than 70 studies by a group at the University of Michigan.The results showed there is more than 35 percent decline in the empathy and understanding of the teens who are the college students. It is obvious because of the lack of attention during the conversations which are causing troubles and tensions between the teens and adults and the level of empathy are decreasing. Now, due to the usage of cell phones, the friendship on the social media is increasing, and friendship with class fellows and surrounding people is decreasing which is leading to the more usage of cell phones. Like in a mess, students are more concerned to use their phone and do not pay attention to their class fellows and other mates who are quite a bad situation. The Same case is with the working people who use cell phones more than make friends with colleagues and have a fruitful conversation with them.One thing has its advantages as well as disadvantages. In the modern world today, cell phones have so many benefits to the people, but it’s more usage is leading to the destruction of relationships. Despite bearing some significant advantages of cell phones, the disadvantages are more clear especially its usage during meals, classes, conversations with parents and siblings, and during the job. Texts, messages, conversations are not bad, but it’s what this is all doing to the conversations of the people when they are together. Cell phone’s appropriate use and intentions will not cause such damages which it is causing today to our generation.

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