The church of Jesus Christ

Published: 2021-07-07 00:05:17
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When, where and a description of the service you attendedThe church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is also known as LDS Church which was visited by me a week earlier the church is also known as Mormon Church which is regarded as a non-Trinitarian Christian restorationist Church. Entered the church I found that many of its members consider the church to be a Restoration of the original charge which was founded by Jesus Christ the current leader of the church is Russell M. Nelson. I attended one of the weekly services held at the meeting house on Sunday. This service is held every week on Sundays where congregational groups can range from 2-15 or 150-400 people.The religious service was unique in a manner as it provided an opportunity for the members of the church to go to the podium and share the testimony with other members of the congregation. Meeting also provides an opportunity to the members of the church to give generous donations to the poor by keeping a fast on the weekend for two meals and spend the money they would have spent on eating those two meals by giving donations to the church known as fast offerings. These donations help run church’s welfare programs.Your reflections on experiencing this religious service… What was it like to be a visitor at this service? What feelings/thoughts did you have while attending this service? How ‘engaged’ were the congregants? How were you affected?Being an entirely new visitor at the place was unique in its own way. All the people at the service were extremely polite and calm. Their expressions revealed nothing but peace and tranquility. Everyone at the church but silently listening to the procession been carried out while the discussion addressed doctrinal topics derived from personal experiences of the congregants along with the messages of faith and hope from the Christian Society to the entire world. What surprises me where’s how the members of the church were surprisingly friendly and openhearted towards the individuals who were not of their faith. The main feature of many discussions revolves around the scriptures from their holy book. Everyone was encouraged to come to the podium to share their testimonies and their experiences. However, the sharers were encouraged to be brief so that everyone would have an opportunity to pour their hearts out.The experience was most heartwarming for me because the church allowed all people of different cultures and diverse ethnicities to attend the religious services regardless of their beliefs. The church further exerted no compulsion on the visitors to follow a certain dress requirement and women usually wore skirts or dresses while men were suited in dress shirts and tieYour reflections on what you learned about this particular religion, as a result of attending this service.I learned that Bible is a form of guidance from the God of the religion which is written in a scripture. This kind of guidance from the God serves as a collection of writings that are counted as the first compilations of the religion and are well-looked-after by the followers. The writings have their importance since they are a direct form of guidance from the God to live life as per his teachings. Hence they are regarded as the sacred book of the Christian people. The religion gives a moral code of life by deterring these scriptures as a form of unity with God and his happiness. Scripture henceforth helps the followers lead a life as per God’s instructions and be successful in this world and the world hereafter.References 

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