The Educational Programs that are used to make Physicians with Humanistic Behavior

Published: 2021-07-06 23:07:02
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This paper is designed to describe the educational programs that are used to make physicians with humanistic behavior. These physicians are expert and professional in collaborating with the patients and specifically devoted to specialized work. Some learning programs were introduced to address these requirements in students of medical and young faculty members of age 22. The key features of the learning programs that inclined the learner’s skills, values, attitudes and behavior effectively include the following factors. Longitudinal learning in minor groups, creating a helpful group process, the noticeable presence of reflective learning and experiential learning of skills. This research is applied only on the medical student and staff including faculty, the basic goal of this research is to find how reflective learning and practice can help in creating a humanistic physician, the physician who is skilled enough to deal with patients by only sticking to the point and discussing only professional work. The way of communication has a huge impact on the response of the person if the physician is gentle and pleasing the patient will ultimately feel comfortable and expressive. The patient needs to be treated verbally more than any other treatment, so if the patient is expressive half of the illness is already gone. This will certainly increase the satisfaction level of a patient.Critical Evaluation            Findings of this research concluded that this research requires large funding and even large ability to apply it on a large randomised and institutional trials is limited for educational research. Several trials were conducted in order to understand the impact of reflective learning on communication. Some trials were conducted on a large randomised scale while some on a small randomised scale. A small randomised trial resulted from a positive impact on communication skills of Harvard medical students. Another randomised trial was conducted from other institution which also showed the positive impact on communication skills which further lead to more patient satisfaction. So in short, all the trial showed positive results on different institutions. Results were in favour of positive impact on communication skills, which proved reflective learning enhances the communications skill among the medical students and faculty, this further increased patient satisfaction level. The more communication skills were improved, the more it was noticed that patients feel satisfied and happy. When the reflective learning was applied to the medical students, good outcomes were noticed and suggested that the learning process was transformative. In case of faculty members, a questionnaire was designed, and data from five schools were collected. The results were quite often, a change in the attitude and development of humanistic qualities were noticed.Practical ApplicationPractical application of reflective learning are medical students and young faculty members. The aim is to produce the humanistic professionals and the people with humanistic behaviour to deal with the patients to ensure the patient satisfaction and to provide best quality services. Practically this reflective learning approach can be applied to all the medical institutions and colleges; if the students are well educated about the humanistic behaviour only then, they can perform well with the patients. The physicians are required to have such attitude that is pleasing and satisfying to the patient, only this way the patient will share their best responses. Moreover, medical colleges and hospitals can also be educated with the reflective learning, the need for the humanistic physicians is at its peak at the moment, so one should educate such skills and values to the institutions and colleges in order to improve the communication skills of the students and faculty. Communication skills put a deep impact on the person, if the way of communication is gentle and pleasing, the feedback of the patient about the physician would be positive hence more satisfied.ReferencesMullen, P.D., Simons-Morton, D.G., Ramı́rez, G., Frankowski, R.F., Green, L.W. and Mains, D.A., 1997. A meta-analysis of trials evaluating patient education and counseling for three groups of preventive health behaviors. Patient education and counseling, 32(3), pp.157-173.

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