The Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer

Published: 2021-07-07 00:09:28
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CancerEvery year, hundreds and thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. Hundreds of these are consequently killed by the deadly diagnosis of this fatal disease (Torre et al. 2015). Cancer provokes the growth and uncontrolled multiplication of these unwanted cells at any particular or various parts of the body, simultaneously. As per an estimate, despite highly developed health care facilities in the United States, an average of 351 people die annually out of one hundred thousand diagnosed individuals. Often the researches have proved that if caught at an earlier stage, cancer can be cured and eliminated completely by reducing the likelihood of its reoccurrence.To identify the abnormal activities of cancer at an earlier stage, it is essential to be aware of the initial symptoms, signs, and type of cancers, along with the most probable treatment (Torre et al. 2015). Moreover, the prevention is always better than the cure. Therefore, the emphasis must be on the understanding and identification of the preventive measures and the healthier lif style that reduces the risk of cancerous ailments. The respective paper has been formulated to concentrate on the identification, prevention, and treatment of cancer.It is worth understanding here that the intensity and the category of the apparent symptoms is directly dependent on the type of cancer, its location within the body, the size of the tumor (also determining the stage the cancer is in), and the intensity of the impact and influence it has already laid upon the associative organs or the tissues. In the case of being metastasized, the cancerous symptoms may be visible and observable in various parts of the body, instead of concentrating only on a certain part. Some general since may include: continues spells of chills or fever; the unexceptional hinge for the bowel habits or the bladder issues; the continuous occurrence of the sores that may not heal; and occurrence of the white patches within the mouth.However, the biggest dread and the horrifying aspect of the cancer is that it is often asymptomatic (Torre et al. 2015). By asymptomatic, it means that cancer may not show any symptom or signs at all, during the entire duration of occurrence and progress within the body. The worst case is that no observable or serious signs are shown until cancer has already reached a critical stage. This raises the awareness of having a medical screening or regular checkup on the regular basis, to identify the probability of asymptomatic cancer, specifically, if an individual is more likely to develop it due to dietary concerns, genetics, environmental factors, etc.Amidst all the blessings of nature, there exist a fruit that contains a Natural Cancer preventive extract (Torre et al. 2015). This extract is known as the Resveratrol, and it is extracted from the Grapes as well as in certain other fruits. It is a phytoalexin and has been proved to have the characteristics of the cancer chemopreventive entity. The respective chemopreventive extract has been observed to show the representation of the three characteristic stages of the carcinogenesis. Further experimentation has shown that resveratrol to act as an antioxidant as well as an anti-mutagen. It is also used as an inductive extract for the phase II drug – metabolizing enzyme. The results showed that the induction resulted in the induction of the human promyelocytic leukemia cell differentiation; therefore, proving its nature to be a chemopreventive agent helping the human beings to prevent the occurrence of cancer.A cancer initiator can be defined as the chemical agent or the substance that can become the source of irreversible damage to the genotype or the phenotype of the human or animal cells. Such damage is most likely to become the source of occurrence of cancer. This often leads to the stage known as the Tumor Initiator. The initiators may include the factors such as stress, environmental exposure to ultraviolet radiations or arsenic.On the other hand, the cancer promoter is also an agent that promotes the further spread of the cancerous tumor, at a later stage, pushing it into the next progressive stage. This may include the factors such as the x-ray radiations, certain pathogens, and unchecked dietary imbalances (Ferlay et al. 2015).As the preventive measure as well as the curative and degrading process of cancer, the researchers have agreed upon a certain type of dietary care than can help in the control and prevention of cancer. These care factors may include the intake of the low carbohydrate diets, the coating of the barbecued meat with the sauces, intake of the prescribed antioxidants, intake of the organic food; and most importantly a healthy and regular exercising regime is necessary for leading a cancer free life.There are certain factors that make certain individuals more likely to develop cancer as compared to the others. These factors can vary, including the genetics as well as the environmental exposures. Dietary concerns are also one of the potential factors in determining the inclination of any individual to develop cancer (Ferlay et al. 2015). Even if there exist no family history of cancer or the genetic disorder, the unchecked environmental exposure, specifically the occupation exposure to the chemicals such as chromium, arsenic, and lead can become the cause of the cell alterations or the mall functioning of the cells, resulting in cancer.In more severe cases, the genetic alteration is also observed, such as in the case of being exposed to the nukes or nuclear reactants and uranium. The excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol are also the primary factors. However, through the experiments and researches, it has been proved that the five diet plan and the high intake of the vegetable and fruits can also act as the chemopreventive measure.During the past few decades, the occurrence and the officially diagnosed records have revealed that certain cancers are more likely to occur as compared to the others. The reasons are majorly the unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, stress, etc. The statistical record and analysis of these cancers have also helped the health care facilitators and the researchers to identify the major risks, associated with this diagnosis. Understanding these risks greatly help the individuals for the preventive measures before the occurrence.One of the greatest risks is associated with the excessive usage of the tobacco and the alcohol. The reports have already shown that the mouth cancer is becoming one of the major cancers, having the significant number of diagnosis all around the world. Other mouth cancer-related risks may include the reduced intakes of the fruits and vegetables; poor oral hygiene, anemia, poor quality mouthwashes were having the high concentration of alcohol, etc.Digestive Tract is also highly susceptible for the occurrence of cancer. Colorectal cancers can occur due to the genetic disorders or the family history. Other risks may include the high intake of fats and low intake of fiber along with the previously stated risks. Almost similar risk factors are also associated with the cancers related to the Pancreas, stomach, liver, esophagus, gall bladder, etc. Poor quality food and artificial flavors and colors are also some of the risk factors.Once Diagnosed, the patients may undergo several psychological and mental disorders out of which the distress and the frustration are the most common spells. During such times, the role of caretakers, nurses being the specific individuals, is very important and significant. To address the cognitive and the affective requirements of the distressed patient, the communication methodologies and behavioral attitudes of the nurses is highly appreciated and observed.Certain studies have shown that the psychological conditions of the patients have observed to be improving if their associative nurses display the signs of behavioral affection such as the empathy, affectionate touch, comfort, and support. Contrary to this, the further researches do not support the significance of the communicative support and affection for the ontological care. As per these researches, the respective relationship is often complicated, and open-ended keeping under consideration the life-threatening associative identity of cancer; therefore, creating a communication gap between the nurse and the patient.ReferencesFerlay, J., Soerjomataram, I., Dikshit, R., Eser, S., Mathers, C., Rebelo, M., … & Bray, F. (2015). Cancer incidence and mortality worldwide: sources, methods and major patterns in GLOBOCAN 2012. International journal of cancer, 136(5), E359-E386.Torre, L. A., Bray, F., Siegel, R. L., Ferlay, J., Lortet‐Tieulent, J., & Jemal, A. (2015). Global cancer statistics, 2012. CA: a cancer journal for clinicians, 65(2), 87-108.

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