The Oakwood Graveyard

Published: 2021-07-06 06:54:02
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The purpose of studying the Oakwood graveyard is to determine an estimate of the number of people that are buried in the cemetery.The Oakwood Cemetery is located in a well-known area of Raleigh North Carolina a short distance towards the mansion of the renowned US governor. The graves, monuments and gravestones in the Oakwood Cemetery occur in a natural ways being surrounded by streams, hills, trees such as cedar and oak trees, shrubs, and native flowers. Two horizontally standing granite base stones surround the monument in the Cemetery. One of the stones being colored with a dark color comprising of images of soldiers in the battlefield. The other granite stone holds the names of those soldiers that perished in the battlefield in Gettysburg.Initially, Oakwood Cemetery used to be a Confederate cemetery of the USA, and it was established by Ladies Memorial Association from Wake country in the US after the end of the 1866 civil war. The cemetery land estimated to be more than 2 acres was given by a businessman who was also an official in a public office in Raleigh known as Henry Mordecai. The Ladies Memorial Association which comprised of a group of women wished to establish a special burial place for Confederate soldiers to bury them as the former cemetery of Raleigh National they used to be buried at was also used to bury Union soldiers. The Oakwood Cemetery borders another Confederate graveyard established in 1935 that looks like a memory Gothic Style House. This Memorial grave was built to give honor to sailors and other veterans in North Carolina State. On the gravestone of the cemetery there consist the names of Senators of North Carolina, names of Confederate soldiers, names of generals . And also the names of some governors like Daniel Fowle, Charles Aycock, William Holden, Jonathan Worth, Bragg Thomas, Swain David, and Manly Charles and names of many other prominent state officials in the state.Currently, the Oakwood Cemetery is open to the members of the public, and it’s a non-profit private cemetery where people can tour around every day. The cemetery consists of astronomy classes that are normally hosted. There is also nature walks, theatrical performances and historical courses offered. During Halloweens days a lantern walk is held and officiated by the veteran’s Confederacy sons while reenacting civil war’s sceneries on the cemetery. Additionally, the 102 acres Oakwood cemetery is managed and maintained by the Confederate Veteran’s sons with the help from various donors. The graveyard is a serene environment hence offering a very idyllic place for the people of the North Carolina’s fallen soldiers to rest.Oakwood Cemetery Arbitrary recordsNumber of Records ObtainedAgePre 1900 males58%58%80 – 110Pre 1900 Females42%42%50- 120Current Males51%51%50-100Current Females49%49%55-100Age at deathNumber that DiedPercentage surviving40-11040%20%50-11045%18%60-11055%13%70-11063%8%A. The difference in death between male and female before 1900 is that the male’s death rate was higher and premature as a result of war as compared to female’s death.B. War and disease caused the deaths.A. Women survival is higher as women rarely fall sick and also behave mostly in a composed manner that helps them avoid deaths.B. The mortality rate in men is higher compared to women as a result of recklessness in behavioural mode and road accidents.A. Before 1900, men were faced with challenges such as diseases with no cure and occurrences of wars, but recently men die as a result of road accidents and chronic diseases.B. Lack of cure to various diseases in the early days while currently, we are facing the challenge of fighting lifestyle diseases.A. Women prior 1900 mostly died of diseases as earlier there were no cure for almost all the diseases and still evasions during the war while currently, women die of chronic diseases.B. The difference in death is time at which both groups existed. The women prier 1900 had fewer opportunities for survival as compared to women who have died in the past five years.

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