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Human resource management is one of the most compelling aspects of business and its employees, as it touches all elements of the organisation. Its role cannot be underestimated as it facilitates most of the organisational processes. Such ranges from hiring to wage, and in some instances benefit management. Also, human resource management plays a crucial role towards supporting corporate strategies.One of the most critical aspects that are played by human resource management, which can help Lorne insurance achieve is strategy is recruitment. In an organisational setting, employees serve as a reflection of the company’s culture and processes. It, as a result, necessitates the need of having the right workforce for accomplishing specific tasks. Since human resource understands the organisational needs, it will match employees with right positions, depending on their qualifications.1Secondly, the human resource department plays a significant responsibility for enhancing and designing the workforce and culture, in the best mannerism that suits your company. Besides, it supervises and monitors frequent organisational changes that may be because departments and managers are aware of their teams.2 By doing this, the HRM will foresee the changes and determine how they may influence the available processes.Lastly, Human resource management recognises the need for cooperation between employers and employees towards realising organisational needs and success. For the achievement of this, the company needs efficiency and capabilities of its workforce. Therefore, training of the employees facilitates their career success which enhances their career success. It is the role of the human resource department in any organisation to train employees because it serves as the connection or link between the employees and the company. 3For the facilitation of the above, the human resource department will enhance some relevant strategies that address the need for organisational change, integration, and the determination of the employees’ performance about the strategy implementation.ConclusionThe human resource department is one of the essential branches of any organisation. Other than the aspects mentioned above, the human resource department also manages disputes, facilitate a conducive working atmosphere and develops and implements public relations.ReferencesStorey, John. Human resource management: A critical text. Cengage Learning EMEA, 2007.Stone, Raymond J., and Raymond J. Stone. Managing human resources. John Wiley and Sons, 2013.Armstrong, Michael. A handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers, 2006.

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