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Published: 2021-07-06 23:08:13
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Police are a group of people who enforce laws, help people in emergency situations, solve the criminal activities, and protect people from any kind of danger. People working in the police department are called the police officers or the policemen. Police officers work at a police station. Police officers are given the power to search for the criminals, and arrest them. They can also search for the required property or the residence. Stopping the crimes and do anything for its prevention. Protecting the public from any kind of danger or harm. Investigating the crimes such as murder or robbery. Helping the people in emergency situations such as fires, or accidents etc. Making sure the public is abiding all the rules and regulations. There are many risks being a police officer. There’s a risk of being killed or murdered. In worse situations, even the families and friends of the police officers are at risk of being killed or harmed. Sometimes the case is too hard to solve or investigate and take several days. The police officers are often blackmailed from the criminal’s side. Carefulness on the part of the officers is important since minor mistake can cause a big problem for themselves as well as the whole department. Maintaining the dignity of the department is also an important responsibility of every police officer. Due to this big responsibility, they even have to face criticism from their own public. The amount of stress the officers go through is huge. This stress even leads them to commit suicides. Apart from risking their lives, their daily routine also gets disturbed. Their maximum working hours disturb their sleeping patterns. Eating and exercise habits are also disturbed. In short, many health issues arise. By the means of discussion with the public, the police are able to exhibit that they are worried about many problems the community is facing. The public must be cooperative and active in following the laws. Both police and the public must keep their behaviors right in order to establish a cooperative relationship. Proper appointment process must be maintained. Since the police is protecting the rights of the public, the public has the duty to respect and cooperate with the police. Responsiveness is one major concept of democratic policing. This means that the police must respond immediately to the needs and concerns of all members of the public. The police must work hard to always make sure that they are available when needed and do their duty selflessly. Another important concepts in community policy is collective consultation. Interacting and consulting with the whole community is beneficial for both the police and the community. It helps the police identify the problems and enables the community to trust the officers. 

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