“The Source of Soviet Conduct” Article Analysis

Published: 2021-07-07 00:18:32
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Reflective AssignmentThe article “the source of Soviet conduct” was published in July 1947 using the Pseudonym “Mr. X”. This article was written by George F. Kennan who was a Deputy Chief of mission. This article was published when Soviet was practicing communism and was trying to spread it to the rest of the world. In this article, he analyzed Soviet behavior and was of the view that the motive behind expansionism by soviet and their aggression is deeply ingrained in their traditions and their feeling of insecurity. Soviets believed that capitalism would create an unmanageable economy which will destroy itself. He presented a policy of containment and provided a conceptual basis for the new us Foreign policy and helped shape the Truman document. He assumed that the Russians could not be trusted as they are America’s worst enemy and America should take firm steps against the Soviets and should make a policy of firm containment which can confront Russia in every step they take. America has the power to overcome USSR.It is an agreed fact that Russian foreign policy leads to many destructive internal and external events all around the globe, but I don’t agree with his argument and feel that he put too much emphasis on the Russians attitude and traditions and failed to consider the actions and impact of America as well. George F. Kennan portrayed America as if America was doing nothing to instigate reactions from USSR. The behavior of USSR was shaped from the external pressure by the USA, but George only highlighted the internal behavior and their traditions. I believe that the views of George F. Kennan have shaped the American foreign policy which is quite aggressive as can be seen by America’s involvement in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries (Hook and Spanier)Works CitedHook, Steven W., and John Spanier. American Foreign Policy since World War II. Cq Press, 2018.

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