The strategies applied by Virtual Police department

Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:52
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The group is assigned to critically examine the strategies applied by Virtual Police department as well as the investigative resources to charge against members of Very Bad Bike Club (VBBC). This comes after investigations of people complained and called for criminal investigations. The department has the cause to arrest and charge almost each one has 63 VBBC members for conspiracy to sell, manufacture and distribute illegal drugs. The Law Enforcement agencies should perform their duties diligently to ensure that they stop criminal activities from the members. Also, the criminals should be charged in the court of law (Kratcoski, Crittenden & Worstall, 2017). The court may offer probation or jail the offenders. The security agency should ensure that they prevent crime prevention and charge the offenders as provided in the law.One of the solution is the use of Institution-Based Corrections. These intuitions will monitor the progress of the offenders and assess whether they have been rehabilitated. However, they have mandate to refer the case back to the court and charge the offender if they do not comply (Matz, Conley & Johanneson, 2017). Moreover, Community-Based Corrections such as Parole or Probation, are crucial in rehabilitating the offenders especially the teens. Private Security may also be used to reduce the rate of criminal acuities taking place in a particular area (Kratcoski, Crittenden & Worstall, 2017). They ensure that the offenders are rehabilitated and do not engage in criminal activities.The group members united and effort to bring an end to criminal activities done by the VBBC members. There were no support from the members from the virtual criminal justice system (Seiter, 2011). The parole system should offer social as well as criminal history for each juvenile. In this sense, the pre-screen establishes the risk level accorded to every individual. However, it is difficult to define level criminal activity because of the missing information required to accomplish the assignment. There is need to promote a society where every individual has the obligation to protect the law. The security agencies should ensure that the criminal are charged and prosecuted. The BBVC is a terrible criminal group that should be deal with and their activities be monitored by the security agencies.The solution is to develop an increased the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of parole systems to sustain the Agency’s task of public safety, and flourishing offender re-integration (Matz, Conley & Johanneson, 2017). Moreover, creating electronic text libraries of the Offender’s case files facilitate the Commission of staff, at every level, to contain quick, simple access to the relevant, available data to make appropriate and justified decisions. Overall, the solution offers the capability to describe workflows for the formation of legal documents. The efficient solution that can address the present probation system is by employing more probations officers that will help in keeping an eye on the offenders, and they do not attempt to fall through the opening and find themselves back in problems (Kratcoski, Crittenden & Worstall, 2017). The implication is that more officer will be able to coordinate their work as a watchdog to offenders as opposed to few probation officer that has been there who had a huge workload. Notably, the officers of probations should be taken more significantly and appreciative within the system to help weed out the offenders. Also, there is needed to be a big case load on few officers of probation. Overall, there is need to have stipulations concerning restrictions of probations. There are better solutions than the present population corrections options (Matz, Conley & Johanneson, 2017). First, there is a better and efficient solution to the current community restrictions choices could contain a lot of programs within the community to assist the offenders within the community. Further, there is need to have a lot more community involvement. Since that is what is required by the offenders to assist them to stay out of problems (Seiter, 2011). Arguably, some people may not want to help the offender. However, not all of them are negative; some are willing to help the offender transform and to get to the right path. It is important to note that the society is important in the integration and rehabilitation process of criminals. The process of recovery may be difficult if the community is not involved (Kratcoski, Crittenden & Worstall, 2017). The community has the duty of enhancing individual rehabilitation. The society agencies should come together in dealing with crime issues amicably. For those offenders who are on probation should be given the support and integrated back into the society.In conclusion, the criminal justice should be available to help and individually get to the right track. The criminal justice should involve and engage the society to help rehabilitate the offenders. The parole, rehabilitation, community corrections and probation are important means to get someone started particularly those who committed the crime. It is, therefore, important for the individuals to identify the type of assistance they may need after violating the law. Overall, rehabilitation is the leading choice for offenders to get corrected and live their normal life.ReferencesKratcoski, P. C., Crittenden, S., & Worstall, S. (2017). Community-Based Sanctions: Probation and Post-release Supervision. In Correctional Counseling and Treatment (pp. 131-160). Springer, Cham.Matz, A. K., Conley, T. B., & Johanneson, N. (2017). What do supervision officers do? Adult probation/parole officer workloads in a rural Western state. Journal of Crime and Justice, 1-16.Seiter, R. (2011). Corrections: An Introduction. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Hall. 

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