Three Branches of the Federal Government

Published: 2021-07-06 06:23:53
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The United States’ Constitution provides the procedure of how the nation is governed. As such, the leaders in the U.S wanted a sound and just government that would provide equal services and opportunity to its people (Bowles & McMahon, 2014). Besides, the leaders wanted to protect the freedom of the people, and provide systems of checks and balances to the government. They believed they could achieve their inspiration and dream when they have three branches of the government, which were separate and independent. These braches include the judiciary, legislature and the executive (Wilson, 2017). The first three articles of the U.S constitution described the separation and functions of the three branches.Legislature as a branch of the government consists of two houses: the Senate, the House of Representatives. One of the primary responsibility of the legislative branch is lawmaking (Wilson et al. 2016). It can also amend the existing laws. Laws is discussed and voted on in the Congress. Members of the Senate, drawn from all the states whereby every state should produce two senators. These senators are expected to pass laws that will benefit the citizens. Similarly, the House of Representatives consisting of 435 members. The number of the legislators in each state depends on the population of that country. For instance, a highly populated state like California has more representatives than the state of Rhode Island. The state’s population determines the number of representatives. Therefore, the representatives are elected and serve a two -year term. The House elects the speaker who becomes its leader. Notably, both houses elected leaders of their parties in the House (Wilson, 2017). The leaders of the party with majority numbers known as the majority leader. The side with minority members elects their leader who becomes the leader of the minority.The president, who makes the law official, heads executive as a branch. It comprises of the member of the cabinet who leads fifteen central governmental departments of the United States (Bowles & McMahon, 2014). The cabinet advice the president on critical national matters. In addition, the cabinet is regarded as the implementers of government policies. Members of the cabinet ensure day-to-day operation of the government.The judiciary branch of the government is responsible for overseeing systems of a court in the United States. Through cases brought before courts, the judiciary interprets the meaning of the U.S Constitution as well as the laws passed by the legislature. At the top of the judiciary is the Supreme Court, which rules on matters constitutionality or unconstitutionality (Wilson, 2017). The Supreme Court comprises of nine judges headed by the chief justice. The president nominates the judges and forwards the names to the Senate for approval. The judges have the security of tenure and have no term limits (Wilson et al. 2016). This will protect their independence and avoid any influence from anybody. They are expected to uphold just and the constitution of the United States (Bowles & McMahon, 2014). The Supreme Court is the biggest arm in the judicial sector and its decision binds all other courts below it.In summary, three major arms run the Federal Government and each of these arms has its own roles, which are clearly distinct from each other. The constitution provides the basis and procedures of forming these branches and the branches are all independent of each other.ReferencesBowles, N., & McMahon, R. K. (2014). Government and politics of the United States. Palgrave Macmillan.Wilson, J. Q., DiIulio Jr, J. J., & Bose, M. (2016). American government: Institutions and policies. Cengage Learning.Wilson, W. (2017). Congressional government: A study of American politics. Routledge.

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