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In this paper, I would be writing about the soft skills that I have acquired while studying in my University and what aspects of these skills have helped me in my professional life. The most important skill that I learned from University was how a person could work in a team altogether. I had worked in a team in various group projects in my University period and I know what it like is to be in a team and work as a collective force for a specific work.It made me learned about how to adjust when collaborating with team members having a different mindset. While working during my internship, there was support from everyone if I got stuck in some problem. Everyone gave opinions when there were problems, and all worked collaboratively for the fulfillment of the project. Hence, the teamwork acquired from both environments was similar to all the collective team members helped and supported each other for the completion of the project.One of the primary and yet essential skills that I acquired is to communicate with other people efficiently. Successful communication is critical everywhere. I had been given opportunities where I had to present in front of my coworkers during my internship time. However, I didn’t face many difficulties as I had given presentations in university time. However, I met issues while written communication and presenting daily reports as I didn’t know proper format for writing them. Though we were given appropriate guidelines in our university time for writing papers, there was no guidance for these daily reports. Either, the university should adopt some training methods that include some activities related to the professional growth of a person. Through this, it will help the person have some know-how about the culture of an organization and how work is done efficiently.Problem Solving is one of the major attributes of a leader. While during my internship, I learned this skill as I was able to make quick decisions based on the prior experience in placement. However, while studying in university, I didn’t learn this skill. The university should propose some activities that increase the creativity of a student’s mind and give the opportunity to the individual student to solve their problems using their creativity and reasoning skills. As every organization looks for candidates that possessed a creative mind. Hence, the university should take steps to boost creativity in students.Time Management is another major skill acquired in these two environments. While studying in university, we were exposed to various activities like completing a quiz in time, writing assignments and submitting it before the deadline or doing the project before the last day. These activities have allowed students to manage their time well and it is because of these tasks that a lot of students are becoming punctual. There are some dirty eggs though who don’t care about the lecture and comes late in the class; however, it is evident that the academic results of these persons are also below the average. Hence, I have learned to manage time efficiently through these deadlines. Likewise, I have applied my learning of time management while doing my internship and the activities of coming earlier and completing daily tasks in time were quite similar to what I have learned in my university time. My experience for the internship was quite good as I get to know the professional environment of an organization and how people play their role inside it, how things are distributed, and roles are defined, and tasks are fulfilled. It was quite a good experience over there, and I applied a lot of the soft skills that I acquired at my university time for various operational tasks. 

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