Wal-Mart Company Customer Service

Published: 2021-07-06 06:28:37
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IntroductionWal-Mart Company engages in wholesale and retail operations which takes place in different format worldwide. The company operations have three segments; International, Sam’s Club and United States Wal-Mart (Barney & Ray, 2015). It has developed unique rules, policies, procedures and principles that help in the improvement of customers’ services. Excellent experience with customers and improved services to them will be achieved through providing to all department managers and store assistant managers. The training will focus on how the managers can be customer- oriented and enhancement of customer experience (Gattorna, 2017). The company is attempting to improve and raise the level of service provided to the customer.Statement of the problemThe volume of sales in Wal-Mart Company has reduced drastically, and customers are complaining, about the services which the company provides. It has become hard for the customer to find the products or services they want in the company (Weill, & Woerner, 2015). Some of the Shelves are empty, and the number of workers is less as compared to the regular employees. The customers’ service is inferior due to lousy selection and check-out lines which are very long. Therefore, the company needs to improve the services provided to the customers and create an experience which is good for the customers.Research questions1. What are some of that affect customer services in Wal-Mart Company?2. In which ways can Wal-Mart Company improve the services provided to the customer?3. How can the company develop a good experience with its customers?4. What are some of the employees’ benefits, appreciation program and policies?Research methodThe research will use questionnaires to gather information on the opinions and attitude of the customers towards the services which are provided by Wal-Mart Company. Data will also be collected through interview. Employees will be interviewed on the benefits, protection policy and appreciation programs which the company had put in place to motivate and encourage the employees. An interview will also be used to find out the issues which are facing the service of the customer provided by the company. Observation method will be employed in understanding how the stores run, customer services, the condition of the stores and general outcomes experience. The quantitative data will be collected, and both independent and dependent variables will be used.ReferencesBarney, J., & Ray, G. A. U. T. A. M. (2015). How information technology resources can provide a competitive advantage in customer service. Planning for Information Systems, 3(2), 444-460.Gattorna, J. (2017). Strategic supply chain management Creating shareholder value by aligning supply chain strategy with business strategy. In Strategic Supply Chain Alignment (pp. 32-52). Routledge.Weill, P., & Woerner, S. L. (2015). Thriving in an increasingly digital ecosystem. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(4), 27.

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