Weapons in the Educational Institutions

Published: 2021-07-06 06:44:19
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Humans has used weapons since the inception of this knowledge that they need protection against the threat to lives. The shapes and orientation of weapons have changed with time. In the early learning years when the feeling of threat was felt any sharp object and even the bare hands were used as weapons. However, with the passage of time with the growing insight about the effectiveness of weapon have changed its use. The weapons for this purpose would have been useful for the reason that many nations have protected there sovereignty and freedom with the help of weapons. But this assistance turned into a negative entity when it is used against innocent people, who do not have any information that why they are being killed and what wrong they have done to society. The situations get more painful when the innocent school children are killed in result of mass shooting at schools. There has been a growing trend observed especially in America. The only option identified so far for controlling mass shooting is through gun control of ban over the guns in states.It raises many questions against the human rights practiced in the developed country like America. What are the reasons that these mass shootings are growing with the passage of time and the law enforcement agencies are just recovering the side effects but are unable to prevent such heinous acts to occur. There had been an impression that Arabs or Muslims were involved in the destructive event of 9/11 but those events are different from the mass shooting issue. Both type of incidents occur due to negative emotions and hatred towards the society. This essay will discuss all the aspects that why America has been affected due to the issue of mass shooting and what are the reasons which are creating hindrance in preventing such events to occur.The educational institutions are the places which shall be clean from any type of prejudices against the races and the ethnic groups. All the learners shall have this impression that they are equal in the opportunity of learning quality information at the campus and no group is segregated on the basis of their race, color or language. Another major issue identified these days is the societal status. Many learners at the campus are facing the issue of isolation from their fellows which often leads to this negative feeling towards the masses. Apart from the tangible factors, the intangible factors like depression and anxiety disorder have been identified to be the growing source behind these unfortunate incidents of mass shootings.The American health association has released this data that 33% of the population is facing the issue of anxiety and depression and among them 15% are the adults between the ages 13 to 17 years. This ratio has been calculated on the basis of the reported cases only. However, the figure for the unreported cases are alarming because depression cannot be detected from anyone’s physical appearance until and unless it is reported officially. In such circumstances, is it feasible to allow guns on campus when the mental stability of the individual is questionable and no one could guarantee that the weapon he is carrying for safety could be life threatening for others.It is presented as a fact that weapon at the campus vicinity whether for the protection any other reason shall be banned completely. The individual carrying the weapon or the people knowing are equivalently dangerous for the masses and in such situation the incidents of mass shooting will increase only despite of decreasing. It is a general perspective in favor of carrying the weapon that at the time of need the individual and the masses are able to protect themselves and the law has given this privilege to every human that they can take any step in the name of self-Protection whether it be pinning down the threat. However, other measures which may be more suitable for controlling the situation shall be adopted like hiring more security for each and every campus. The security personnel’s will be thoroughly trained and under the strict surveillance of the government. Thus, the weapons on campus in custody of this hired security will not be used against the safety of the on campus students. If the guns has o be kept on campus for securing the precious lives then why they can’t be in the hands of the trained people.The US government is spending the major portion of the budget for uplifting the safety and security of the citizens then hiring and deploying additional task forces shall not be an issue or additional burden on the government expense. The mass shootings has a negative psychological effect on many people who may develop this anxiety disorder that they will be killed in any such mass shooting even if they are not threatened but this feeling may not support them to live their lives normally.Even if the individuals are carrying weapons and the state is unable to prevent this from happening due to the government leverage then a special task force along with a criminal psychologist shall be hired at the campus. The task force shall check the weapon state and caliber and shall train the individual on how to safely use it. However, the psychologist shall be able to positively motivate the users that the guns they are carrying are weapons until for protection until and unless it is not used against any innocent. This lesson shall be reinforced on and off along with creative activities so that the participants are able to better conceive the message transcribed through the practices.America having the statistics of the developed country is still facing the issue of illegal weapon purchase. It is reported that on average 35% of the tota population is carrying illegal weapons. Though the government has been taking all the necessary measures for controlling this situation and limiting the weapon sale and purchase but there has been a ratio identified like small gangs or mafia which are able to successfully sell these weapons under the table.Thus, the only preventive measure identified so far which could be effective as well is to increase the intelligence and the security control. Each officer subjected to the particular area shall have complete information about that vicinity that which new individual has entered the community and if there has been any different activity identified over the week like any unknown vehicles coming in or going out. The more the security personnel’s or the domestic task force will get involved, the better will be the dissemination of information. Thus, this information that the identification of the foreign element shall be immediately reported to higher authority and a strict intelligence check shall be maintained. The more the illegal sale and purchase of guns will be controlled the better will be the safety of the masses of the society and will help in preventing the unfortunate incidents of mass shootings.

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