Were the Fireman of 9/11 Properly Acquitted of their Efforts?

Published: 2021-07-06 23:08:01
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The firemen who participated in the 9/11 attack’s cleaning of the area and saving the people from the miserable deaths were highly appreciated and even now they are considered as the heroes. During the attack, world trade center was in the normal routine and the building had people who were working on their regular tasks. After the attack, the firemen were the only people who started saving the people inside the building. There were an outnumbered people who are thankful for the firefighters and the other responsible authorities. It is stated in a number of discussions and considerations that if the firefighters were found stick to their job only then the death rate of the disaster would be doubled. The main aim of the paper is to discuss that the firefighters in real brought all their efforts to minimize the loss as much as possible and according to and even beyond their duties.One of the firefighter named Steve Buscemi who is performing the acting in the United States media industry performed his duties as a firefighter in the 9/11 attack. He explained his story fo saving people of the 9/11 attack as the most shocking incident for all the New York City. He elaborated his job that for that moment they were working there as firefighters but when we saw that the aid is missing for helping the injured people at the site they had to finish their work immediately and to get involved in saving people. He said his sense for the danger was dead for himself and the feeling to protect others was overwhelmed. He also explained that on that day he consistently worked more than his shift as well as after that, he used to work 12 hours and even more for the help of the people so that there would be as much as possible people to get survived.Steve also worked as a firefighter advocate and he discussed the effrots of firefighters as admirable. There was his statement when was found famous in all over the country after the 9/11 attack. It was that the firefighter are supposed to help others, each other’s and work for only the satisfaction of themselves. They always know that someone is in the need but they never knew that they are also in the need.The control room announced all the safety departments about the 9/11 emergency and everyone used to rush towards the world Trade center. A firefighter named Lt Mike Quilty and his colleagues used to work on the regular basis and never stopped in helping the people who are in any trouble. They explains that when they saw the world trade center burning into fire and the concrete of the building turning into dumps, they only thought that this is the end of the world and they are supposed to protect as many people as possible.According to a number of people who were connected with the communication networks at that moment have explained that the people in the control room were not attending them and they were completely ignored. Here the scenario was different, when a big part of the building was dump down on the floor, then everyone just thought that this is the end and nobody could be survived at all now. This time for Manhattan, New York was emergency and there were unlimited calls coming from uncountable people. Everyone was supposed to describe the situation and many who were engaged in the site or trapped inside the building were ignored. The fault here was explained by many is of the control rooms that they didn’t responded to the calls. People started to call the control rooms and they didn’t realized the current busy schedule of the people in the control rooms.If estimated according to the reports, almost everyone was at the site after sometime at the WTC site. Not a single firefighter truck stopped. Some were at the filling stations, some were travelling towards the site and performing the duties. Even the non-Manhattan firefighters were also available for the additional requirements. The firefighters were working for more than their shifts. The people felt bad when most of them returned after a tiring schedule but the rest is a human need it was required for every firefighter. Some of the most important perceptions of the people against the firefighters was that they were not working at the site and were standing beside. Some were not performing their jobs as they should. These all points were considered by the firefighter association but since these perceptions were of common public who critically analyzed the situation which was their right.The final comments from the associations and the government institutes were positive and they have explained the limitation of the firefighters and their duties. There was a discussion which prolonged for weeks that the firefighter should have done their jobs differently for the limiting of the damage. This discussion was analyzed as well as ignored because in the site where the ashes and concrete was everywhere, nobody as able to help anyone but trying to overcome the damage only. The lives of the people was the first most priority because of which, everything was ignored and the firefighter were supposed to find the people trapped inside the dump of the building. Since Manhattan is a highly populated areas and the building are close to each other which disabled the firefighters to use the cutting and throwing the concrete from the above floors on the ground. This caused a great difficulty and a time taking task to evacuate the building as soon as possible and to help out the injured and to eliminate the dead bodies from the world trade center’s building area.According to me a firefighter is a post which is associated to protect anything from fire. The security of the people engaged at the situation is also the first priority. Every department have its own job. Most of the firefighters after the elimination of the fire, also acts as the life savers of the people who are trapped in the site where the destruction happened.In a number of ways above, it is finalized that the firefighters properly acquitted of their efforts. They didn’t stepped back from their own work and completed their work efficiently with respect to their abilities and considering their limitations. Despite the negative perceptions of the people who were witness of the situation, it is understood that the firefighters completely put all their efforts for helping the people to get out of the world trade center building. There are many firefighters who didn’t slept for more than twenty-four hours while serving at the site. The Manhattan firefighters were helped by the other areas firefighters and they collectively managed to overcome the issue as soon as possible. Even after seventeen years, the world trade center incident is in the memories of the people as crystal clear as it’s a yesterday thing. They argue even today that it took long time for helping the people to get out of the building. Not even a single person knows about the facts and figures. If studied in detail and analyzed, the problems would be understood completely.Works CitedTierney, Kathleen. “The 9/11 commission and disaster management: little depth, less context, not much guidance.” (2005): 115-120.Luban, David. “Liberalism, torture, and the ticking bomb.” Intervention, Terrorism, and Torture. Springer, Dordrecht, 2007. 249-262.Hinds-Aldrich, Matt. “Firesetting Firefighters: Reconsidering a Persistent Problem.” INTERNATIONAL FIRE SERVICE(2011): 33.Menendez, Anne Marie, Janice Molloy, and Maryann Corrigan Magaldi. “Health responses of New York City firefighter spouses and their families post-September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.” Issues in mental health nursing 27.8 (2006): 905-917.Freedman, Tovia G. “Voices of 9/11 first responders: Patterns of collective resilience.” Clinical Social Work Journal 32.4 (2004): 377-393.

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