What Do We Mean When We Say, Islamic Art? An Urgent Plea for a Critical Re-Writing of the History of the Arts of the Islam

Published: 2021-07-07 00:05:18
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Summary of the ArticleIllustration of the specific term “Islamic Art” is the main concern of the author through this article. Undoubtedly, defining Islamic art come up with many considerations and different individuals explain it by considering different dimensions. Through this article, the author proposes the effective form of discussion about the historical facet of the Islamic art. It also provides necessary insights about the critical framework which come up with the consideration of colonial and postcolonial studies (Shalem, 1). It also addresses the formation and the definition of the specific term of Islamic art referring to its historical foundation by the scientific prospect. The following article also points out the need for the methodical, critical approach to understanding the feature of the Islamic art.It is notable to mention that author also identify some troubling features that are inserted in case of historical foundations of Islamic art. These problematic features occur from the foundation of the following prospect. Some features are closely related to the specific approach of ‘imagined Islam’ which is closely related to the approach of defining the concept of Islamic art. The imposition of universalism is the one major concern which is associated with the overall vision of the Islamic art. The features of cosmopolitanism and medievalism need to be effectively addressed concerning to the broader approach of Islamic art. According to the author, the specific models of Classicism and decadence should also be assessed when it comes to the proper understanding of the Islamic art. The overall approach of the Islamic art is complex as it creates the form of anxiety concerning to the proper and definite meaning of the term, ‘Islamic Art.’ Spiritualization is another concept which is connected with the formation and implementation of the Islamic art in many different disciplines of life. The association between the concept of spiritualization and the Islamic art should be critically assessed to make effective inferences about the development of the art in case of Islam.Response to the ArticleAuthor of this article successfully proposes different aspects which need to assess referring to the approach of the Islamic art critically. Better investigation or identification of these facets provide the pathway for the future directions related to the paradigm of the Islamic art. It can be helpful to connect the overall prospect of the Islamic art to the contemporary form of the art. The overall approach about Islamic art presented by the author gives effective insights to understand the field of the visual culture in case of Islamic pattern. The interesting aspect identifies by the author related to the unique feature of the Islamic art. It successfully explains the distinct feature of the Islamic art is that it can easily be identified and experienced by anyone even if someone has very less understanding of the Islamic civilization.Work CitedShalem, Avinoam. “What Do We Mean When We Say, Islamic Art? An Urgent Plea for a Critical Re-Writing of the History of the Arts of the Islam.” Journal of Art Historiography, vol. 6, 2012.

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