Workplace Behaviour

Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:57
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The company wishes to thank you for the hard work and dedication you have put in your work at the company. You have continuously put efforts that the company recognises and appreciates as well. This effort have been noticed in your timely report to work and upholding the work ethics continuously.However, the company believes that its success is a result of team work put in by the personnels. As a team member you are expected to work with the rest of the members to create a conducive environment to work. It has duly been noted that due to your poor business communication you cannot work efficiently with the team. Reports of sexist and racist comments to your workmates has been brought forward on several occasions. This is a clearly lack of respect and undermining of the fellow employees. The issue was previously discussed and you promised to change your behaviour, but the company has not seen any indication of change.It is with utmost regret that the company informs you that your contract has been terminated uponreviewing your behaviour.The company has further advised the accounting department to incentive for the remaining sick leave, dedication, and timeliness. The cheque shall be sent to you by 15th April, 2018. If the cheque has not been received on or before this date, kindly contact the HR department on 779 360 1098 ext: 5498. Trust Company thanks you for your services.Sincerely,{Name}{Name}Human Resource Director

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