Yet Do I Marvel by Countee Collen

Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:24
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It is related to a journey in which a man is plans to reached to a site where his other companions are waiting for lunch but unfortunately due to complicated weather his short journey become impossible to complete. This man along with his dog tried their best to reach the mining camp so that along with their other companions they can enjoy the fire and can eat biscuits and bacon. The unpleasant weather make their pleasant travel difficult to complete and they start freezing. ”His idea of running until he arrived at the camp and the boys presented one problem: he lacked the endurance”( Jack, 2007). Although this event took place around 20 years before the publication of the story, but still the overall story has been inspired by this event.Countee Collen published his marvelous little sonnet “Yet Do I Marvel” with two classical implications, both to scandalous criminals in the mythological world (Collen, 1971). Make plain the argument tormented Tantalus is goaded by the flighty organic product, announced if just beast impluse fates Sisyphus to battle up an endless stair (Collen). This poem achieved such huge number of implications. The writer positively needed to be known for his written work capabilities, To be compared with best artists; the whites.Words about the water in “ The Negro Speaks of Rivers” is discussing the ever enduring, unceasing streams of snags and triumphs African Americans had and keep on living through (Langston, 2009). The writer made a comparison between the depth of the river and his soul and says that his soul is just like the depth of river. He was just an adolescent when he composed this sonnet yet his insight was as savvy as a senior individual which additionally symbolized quality “waterways antiquated as the world and more seasoned than the stream of human veins (Hughes).Works CitedCullen, Countee. “Yet Do I Marvel.” The Black Poets. Ed. Dudley Randall. New York: Bantam 100 (1971).Hughes, Langston. The Negro speaks of rivers. Disney Jump at the Sun Books, 2009.London, Jack. To build a fire. Bantam Classics, 2007.

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