Game Overview

Battle Configurations

Between battles you can:

  1. select the types of squads, spells, artifacts and consumable items you wish to bring into battle,
  2. adjust the quantity of Battle Units in each squad, and
  3. determine the turn order of your squads. You can also save Battle Configurations for future use.

Battle Configurations are comprised of up to:

  • 5 Squads of Battle Units
  • 6 Artifacts that provide statistical bonuses to your WarMage and squads
  • 5 Spells used to affect one or more hex-tiles on the battleground
  • 3 Scrolls that can be used in battle to affect your WarMage stats or specified friendly squads

Battle Configurations are built from the collection of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls currently available to your WarMage. Each WarMage begins with a set of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls. You can access new types of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls in the item store by clicking the treasure chest button attached to your character portrait. The store is organized by item type. You can browse different item types by clicking the tabs on the right of the store window. Some items are unlocked through achievements and prestige.

Each new WarMage starts with 5 squads, 5 spells, consumable scrolls, and artifacts already placed in the appropriate slot in the game interface so you'll be ready for your first battle. To modify your current Battle Configuration, use the WarMage Information window and the slots located on the Action Bars found in the top portion of the game interface. Open the WarMage Information window by clicking the button with the "+" attached to your character portrait in the top left of the interface. To make changes to your Battle Configuration simply by click and drag the icons from the WarMage Information window to the one of the slots found in the Action Bars at the top of your screen or in the section of the WarMage information window labeled "Equipped Artifacts". Slots will become highlighted if the icon you have selected matches the correct slot type. You can also swap icons by dragging one icon onto another icon of the same type. Remember you can make changes to your Battle Configuration at any time except during a battle.